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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Seahawks 42, Eagles 0

Lofa Tatupu, you are the man.

"The Seattle Seahawks are 10-2. These are not words I expected to say in my lifetime." - my words to my wife after watching the Seahawks annihilate the Eagles.

"Would you believe 28-0?" - Gavin telling me the score as I walked out of my class an hour and a half into the game (I taped it, don't worry, I saw the good stuff).

"The Seahawks aren't physical enough.

The Seahawks can't win on the East Coast.

The Seahawks just get lucky.

The Seahawks don't have the defense to prevail.

The Seahawks rely totally on Shaun Alexander.

The Seahawks choke when the spotlight is on.

The Bears, the Giants, the Cowboys, and the Panthers are ALL better than Seattle." - Words from various talking heads the last couple of weeks.

What. Up. Now.?

This game was officially over by halftime. HALFTIME!! AGAINST THE EAGLES!!

The margin of victory tied the largest EVER on Monday Night Football.

The opening drive was a thing of beauty. Third down conversion after third down conversion. Quick passes. Sharp runs through the snow. Finally, Engram, wide open in the end zone. That was the only drive that was required of our offense. I have never seen an NFL game where the dogs were called off at halftime.

This team is for real. Absolutely. We are the NFC West champions, something that, regardless of the flailings of the other teams, means something to me, because nobody in the press thought we WOULD be the NFC West champion. Arizona, of course, was the cute pick, but several people held out the Rams as the banner team as well. Ours was the forgotten team, the one that hadn't stepped up the past few years and, thus, would sink back to obscurity.

Except Lofa Tatupu happened. LeRoy Hill happened. (WHAT A DRAFT BY RUSKELL!)

Kelly Herndon happened. Joe Jurevicius happened. D. J. Hackett happened. Sean Locklear happened. Bryce Fisher happened. Andre Dyson happened.

There is no analysis needed for this game. This was an absolute annihilation. The Seahawks have arrived.

Now, of course, they need to further back that up with a win next week, at home against the 49ers. Gavin and I will be there in person to cheer them on. 11-2? 14-2?

The skies the limit.
Update: Respect? Yeah, of course this win would do it, right?
Not if you are Mike Celizic, "sportswriter" (defined loosely) for
See, to Mike, the Seahawks don't deserve respect until they make it to the NFC championship game.
Really? Then why do the Bears deserve respect? The Giants? The Cowboys?
Because..... get this, it's awesome..... because Seattle hasn't won anything yet.
Ok, why else?
Because..... wait for it..... because Seattle has never won a Super Bowl.
Therefore Seahawks fans shouldn't be excited until the NFC title game? Because we have never won anything? Shouldn't that make us MORE excited right now?
Read the article if you have the stomach for it. Terrific stuff, really.

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At 8:29 AM, Blogger nach said...

I wonder if Mike can see me flipping him the bird from the big KZ... Due to the time difference, I was able to check the halftime and wonderful final scores Tuesday morning as I got ready for classes. ROCK!

At 12:37 PM, Blogger brady said...

Did you hear? Last night on ESPN, Sean Salisbury said that the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC. And he didn't even mention the Bears or Giants.


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