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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Scientific Method, Week 17

Ah yes. Week 17, the final week of the regular season, when over half the games have no meaning, especially when all but two of the postseason slots have already been filled. Fantastic. Also, I have no time to do this post, so this will be a pick (and nothing more) sort of post. I recommend going elsewhere, or waiting for Gavin to write something.

Last Week: 10-6
Overall Record: 142-98

Denver at San Diego
Denver has already clinched the #2 seed, while San Diego really wants that 10th win for some reason.
Scientific Pick: San Diego

NY Giants at Oakland
A win for the Giants gives them the NFC East, while the Raiders are fighting amongst themselves even more than usual.
Scientific Pick: NY Giants

Carolina at Atlanta
Carolina needs this win because of losing to Dallas last week, while Atlanta just looks lost.
Scientific Pick: Atlanta

Baltimore at Cleveland
Is Kyle Boller really this good? Maybe....
Scientific Pick: Baltimore

Seattle at Green Bay
Without Samkon Gado, can Green Bay move the ball against the second stringers of Seattle?
Scientific Pick: Seattle

Arizona at Indianapolis
Jim Sorgi looked like a more than capable NFL quarterback last week. I was impressed.
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis

Cincinnati at Kansas City
What a horrible game thrown up by Cincy last week. They get well against the Chiefs defense.
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati

Miami at New England
A win here might give New England the #3 seed, ensuring them of missing the Colts until the AFC Championship game. Uh oh.
Scientific Pick: New England

Buffalo at NY Jets
Two forgettable seasons for these teams end with a forgettable game.
Scientific Pick: Buffalo

Detroit at Pittsburgh
Does anyone really think that, in a must-win game, Pittsburgh will lose to the Lions?
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh

New Orleans at Tampa Bay
New Orleans, I'm sorry about this season. I hope that all this is taken care of before next season rolls around.
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay

Houston at San Francisco
The Bush Bowl! Houston wins! By losing!
Scientific Pick: San Francisco

Tennessee at Jacksonville
Jacksonville has already clinched the #5 seed, so they will be resting folks.
Scientific Pick: Tennessee

Chicago at Minnesota
Chicago already has the #2 seed, while Minnesota might be fighting for Tice's job.
Scientific Pick: Minnesota

Washington at Philadelphia
Can Washington take care of business? Why not?
Scientific Pick: Washington

St. Louis at Dallas
Jamie Martin will not move the ball on the Cowboy's defense, and they squeak into the playoffs over the Panthers.
Scientific Pick: Dallas

Playoff Picture if Predictions are P(right)

Pittsburgh (#6) at Cincinnati (#3)
Jacksonville (#5) at New England (#4)



Dallas (#6) at NY Giants (#3)
Washington (#5) at Tampa Bay (#4)

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