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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Scientific Method, Week 15

And the scientist is back! Now on Christmas Break, which doesn't mean a whole lot when you need to write numerous applications, finish a big paper, and write the prospectus for your thesis (oh yeah, and take your comprehensive exams) over break, but, still, I don't need to teach anyone, and that.... is awesome.

By the way, Randal quite definitely was correct in not wanting Rebecca to also be hired by the Trump. As he said, the show is called "The Apprentice". Singular. Not plural. Rebecca's great and all, but she wasn't better then Randal, and shouldn't be treated as such. So let the guy celebrate. He earned it. And Gavin, shut up. I care, even if you don't.

I also care that Danni won on Survivor. An actual sports babe with some brains to her! An unstoppable force. No one (especially the guys) wanted to be known as the person who stupidly allowed her to exit stage right. Of course, that discounts Rafe (stupid move releasing her from your alliance) and the ladies (thank the good Lord in heaven Stephanie didn't win). I also would have been satisfied with a Rafe win, but Danni was my shining star for most of the season. That's the thing with Survivor. For the most part, my wife can't check out the guys on that show, because after about five days they all have scruff, scratch themselves everywhere, and look pretty disgusting. Meanwhile, somehow, the women on that show maintain a state of perpetual beauty. You know, I should probably stop writing about this.....

And the Seahawks are actually getting some respect! Wow! Probably about time for them to lose a game so everyone can jump off the bandwagon as fast as they got on (can you say Chicago?). Still, watching Michael Irvin with a Seahawks hat on his head was nothing if not amusing. Of course, Peter King still ranks the Patriots ahead of the Seahawks, but he can simply burn with all his espresso jokes and stale wit (like mine). Plus, Peter King has picked five more correct games then the Scientist! Aargh! So here, this week, will be my pick's and a new Petey, Petey the King.

One other point: It is at the point of the season where several teams are in a state of turmoil. Never pick those teams.

Last Week: 10-6
Overall Record: 124-84

Tampa Bay at New England
Hypothesis: Sometimes you have to pick against the hype
Let me get this straight. The Patriots beat the Bills and they are suddenly back? Super Bowl contender? Their secondary is still nonexistent, and Corey Dillon has yet to face a challenging defensive line with his newfound health. Meanwhile, Brady is now banged up and are facing a great defense who will be extra psyched about playing the champs PLUS are actually struggling to reach the playoffs, unlike the Patriots, who could lose the rest of their games and STILL make it because the AFC East sucks. I can't believe I'm picking Chris Simms to beat the Pats, but....
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay
Petey the King Pick: New England

Kansas City at NY Giants

Hypothesis: Go with the dominating running game
I just can't count Kansas City out of it yet. Larry Johnson has been running the ball extremely well, which was opened up the offense for Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez. That defense can still make a few stops of their own. Meanwhile, the Giants are now a little banged up and just lost their best linebacker, Antonio Pierce, for the season, while 2 of their offensive lineman had to leave the game last Sunday. Eli has been throwing some picks..... basically, this team looks like it played its best game against us, and lost.
Scientific Pick: Kansas City
Petey the King Pick: Kansas City

Denver at Buffalo
Hypothesis: Pick against the team in turmoil
Our first team in turmoil, the Buffalo Bills, who have another quarterback move this week as Losman is "injured". McGahee still hasn't had a great rushing game in about two months, Eric Moulds was suspended for a game, and the defense can't stop an opposing rusher for the life of them. I thought Mike Mularkey has a good hire last year, and this team seemed to be headed in the right direction, but there is no way that Denver doesn't run for over 200 yards against this porous defense, eat up the clock, and easily win by 20.
Scientific Pick: Denver
Petey the King Pick: Denver

Arizona at Houston

Hypothesis: Never pick a team who is tanking games on purpose
That 38 yard miss last week was just about the worst kick I had ever seen in my years of watching the NFL. Now, personally, I don't care. I want the Texans to lose because I don't want the 49ers to end up with Reggie Bush. Do you want that kind of player in the NFC West? Absolutely not. Better that they end up with Matt Leinart to battle with Alex Smith. Houston can't stop the pass, and if there is one thing Arizona does well, it is pass the football. Boldin and Fitzgerald should get their complimentary 1oo yard games each as the Cardinals roll to an actual easy win.
Scientific Pick: Arizona
Petey the King Pick: Arizona

Seattle at Tennessee

Hypothesis: Good teams don't lose these games
12-2, baby. 12-2. Let the blue wave roll on.
Scientific Pick: Seattle
Petey the King Pick: Seattle

San Diego at Indianapolis
Hypothesis: Great teams don't lose these games
Indianapolis has reached that state where I hesitate to pick against them until they lose, like the Patriots the last couple of years. That offense is a finely-tuned machine right now, which is why I don't believe they will sit this one out unless they get up by 30, which is unlikely. The Chargers, however, will be fighting for their playoff lives. This team is very good, with LT, Brees, and Gates, and has the offensive firepower to stay with the Colts. The key is that defense, who just allowed the Dolphins to go up and down the field on them. The Colts might score over 40 points again this week.
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
Petey the King Pick: Indianapolis

Philadelphia at St. Louis

Hypothesis: Go with the better defense when both teams have backup QB's
Only one of these teams has a semblence of a defense. That is Philly, who will be gunning for Ryan Fitzpatrick all game long. Stephen Jackson has disappeared the last month, which is very strange since count me as one who thought that, given the chance, he could emerge as a top-5 runner in the NFL. Andy Reid is a better coach, and will have his offense prepared for what they need to do, hand the ball off and trust McMahon with short, no pressure throws.
Scientific Pick: Philadelphia
Petey the King Pick: St. Louis

NY Jets at Miami
Hypothesis: Teams with horrible offenses rarely score big points two weeks in a row
Who woke the Jets up last week? And why did anyone wake up the Jets last week? They cost themselves big in the Reggie Bush/Matt Leinart sweepstakes, and now they will lose to Nick Saban, who quietly has put together one of the best first year coaching jobs that I have ever seen. Anyone who can win with a patchwork offensive line, no receiving weapons outside of Chris Chambers, and keep two running backs happy deserves some serious credit. The Dolphins might be real good, real soon.
Scientific Pick: Miami
Petey the King Pick: Miami

Pittsburgh at Minnesota
Hypothesis: Pick 'em
This is an extremely tough game to call. On one hand, Pittsburgh has a great defense that should easily handle whatever Brad Johnson and Michael Bennett throw at them. On the other hand, the Steelers running game had really struggled until last week, and I'm not ready to call them all the way back. Big Ben is still injured, and if Tommy Maddox enters the field of play, all bets are off. Turnovers will play a huge role in deciding this game (as they do in most games. Shut up). Have to go with my gut on this one.
Scientific Pick: Minnesota
Petey the King Pick: Pittsburgh

Carolina at New Orleans
Hypothesis: Never trust a radical quarterback move
The second team in turmoil, the New Orleans Saints. These guys just receiver $40K as hazard pay from the NFL. $40K? Each? Should have donated the money to a relief fund. You guys don't even know the meaning of the word hazard, making millions of dollars to play a game. Balderdash. Humbug. Carolina will easily win and people will, once again, start talking about how they are the team to beat, blah, blah, blah. And a little part of me will die inside.
Scientific Pick: Carolina
Petey the King Pick: Carolina

San Francisco at Jacksonville
Hypothesis: Never pick San Francisco
Do I need to write about this game? That's the thing about this time of the season. Most games aren't even worth writing a sentence about, and now I have written two (one pretty long) so I will stop writing.
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville
Petey the King Pick: Jacksonville

Cincinnati at Detroit
Hypothesis: Never trust a team in turmoil
Team in turmoil numero three. You know your team kind of sucks when your own fans start a petition to show up wearing the opposing team's colors and root for the opposing team. That's just terrible. Matt Millen should fire himself for this travesty.
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati
Petey the King Pick: Cincinnati

Cleveland at Oakland
Hypothesis: Never trust a team in turmoil
Finally, team in turmoil #4. The move to Tui didn't quite pan out last week, which surprised absolutely no one. I remain convinced that Norv Turner is daydreaming about seals and the North Pole during most NFL games, because he sure isn't looking at the football field. Best dazed expression ever.
Scientific Pick: Cleveland
Petey the King Pick: Oakland

Dallas at Washington
Hypothesis: In the NFL, what goes around comes around
In Week 2 the Cowboys somehow lost when Santana Moss snuck beneath coverage for two huge touchdown passes. The Cowboys, understandably, are not too happy about that. I expect a ton of physical play from both sides, but that Cowboys defense is pretty doggone good. Portis will be stuffed and Glenn will have the big plays.
Scientific Pick: Dallas
Petey the King Pick: Washington

Atlanta at Chicago
Hypothesis: There will be one upset per week
A hard upset pick, I know. Soldier Field. It'll be cold, and the defense will be keyed up to beat Michael Vick. It just seems to me that this is the type of game that brings out the best in Vick. Think back to his victory over Green Bay in the postseason a few years ago, his coming out party. The cold weather didn't stop him then. I don't think it will stop him now, while Kyle Orton will be lying flat on his face several times from the decent Atlanta pass rush. Point of concern: Atlanta can't stop the run, and that' s all Chicago does. If Thomas Jones goes off, my pick is flat out wrong.
Scientific Pick: Atlanta
Petey the King Pick: Chicago

Green Bay at Baltimore
Hypothesis: Go with whoever John Madden rambles about more
I really have no hypothesis for this game because I don't care about this game. At all. One more reason why they should schedule Monday games throughout the season because it is obvious that the schedule makers rarely know which teams will actually be good and what games will actually matter in a given week.
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
Petey the King Pick: Green Back

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