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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NFL Week 15 in Review

Again, as I stated last week, I will only be recapping games that actually matter. Basically, if one of the teams is named "Houston" or "Baltimore" there is a good chance you don't care about it and a really good chance that I don't care about it. It also gives me an excuse to be lazy.

On to the recaps!

Tampa Bay 0, New England 28
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay
Peter King: New England
I know why Colin made his pick, as a protest against New England all of a sudden becoming a favorite over Seattle for such luminaries as Peter King. This performance, though, made me a believer. Not that the defense was able to stuff Chris Simms. I hate Chris Simms. The offense being able to move the ball that effortlessly against Tampa's defense was tremendous. The first drive especially was like a flashback to the championship years. Basically, if I was any AFC team there is no way I want to play New England in the postseason because chances are high you lose that game.

Kansas City 17, New York Giants 27
Scientific Method: Kansas City
Peter King: Kansas City
My opinion about this game was stated yesterday. Kansas City blew this one. There is no pretty way of saying how pathetic the defensive performance was. Defenders quit on plays, didn't wrap up, didn't attack the ball, and let Amani Toomer and Tiki Barber have at least two undeserved touchdowns on a day where Eli Manning looked bad yet again. Here's one reason why the Giants will not be the Super Bowl representative... dropped passes. They dropped important ones against us, dropped a few more on Saturday, and have a general feel similar to the recent Hawks corps. A lot of the drops appear to be on third down as well. Now the Chiefs are done, will lose Dick Vermeil, and have no one to blame but themselves.

San Diego 26, Indianapolis 17
Scientific Method: Indianapolis
Peter King: Indianapolis
San Diego won by what seemed to be a repeatable defensive strategy. Blitz from both sides with a short tight zone and don't let the Colts throw down the field. They took advantage of a beat up offensive line to fluster Manning into the Sad Face. Frankly, I don't understand how corners keep on giving up 60 yard touchdowns to the Colts. Also, this was the first team Indy played that was actually at full strength (and the Chargers were even without LT for most of the second half). The Colts have been really lucky. Really lucky. They are not worldbeaters. They could win the Super Bowl, but many teams could and can beat them. It was nice to finally see that.

New York Jets 20, Miami 24
Scientific Method: Miami
Peter King: Miami
Congrats to Nick Saban. You have won new coach of the year. I am floored by this team reaching .500. Watch out for them next year.

Pittsburgh 18, Minnesota 3
Scientific Method: Minnesota
Peter King: Pittsburgh
Colin should have swapped choices here. Pitt is finally healthy and playing like it. Minnesota finally played a good team and played like it. It is nuts that either San Diego or Pittsburgh is going to miss the playoffs. That is lame. Games like this convince me that Mike Tice's job is not safe. The Vikings are still a ways away from the level of contention they are shooting for.

San Francisco 9, Jacksonville 10
Scientific Method: Jacksonville
Peter King: Jacksonville
Can Jacksonville ever actually clean up against a bad team? When you only beat the 49ers by one, you have serious issues. If they end up playing New England in the playoffs they will be beaten by two touchdowns.

Dallas 7, Washington 35
Scientific Method: Dallas
Peter King: Washington
Man, Colin got beat down by Peter King this week. I'm surprised that anyone picked the Redskins to win this game. However, the Cowboys didn't show up. How does a Bill Parcells team not show up to a huge rivalry game with enormous playoff implications? That doesn't make sense. Still, congrats are majorly due to Joe Gibbs, who is starting to find his groove again in the NFL. Although I don't think they'll keep this playoff spot, I am impressed with the effort a team riddled with playmaker injuries is making.

Atlanta 3, Chicago 16
Scientific Method: Atlanta
Peter King: Chicago
Chicago's defense is really good. Michael Vick is a mediocre quarterback. This was not a good combination on Sunday night. Still, the game turned on two decisions. One, Lovie Smith's courageous decision to bench Kyle Orton for Rex Grossman. That swap automatically makes Chicago the second best team in the NFC, at least if the offense looks that confident for the rest of the year. The second was that terrible call on the fumble/interception. The receiver had possession of the ball even if he hadn't made a "football move" and the ground cannot cause a fumble. That was a key problem.

It was an interesting week for Science, who had one of its worst weeks, at 7-9. His head to head matchup with Peter King didn't fare well, as King registered a 10-6. Ouch.

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