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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NFL Week 15 in Review: Playoff Edition

Indy lost! Indy lost!

AFC Current Playoff Picture:

Division Leaders:
New England: 9-5 (at NY Jets, vs Miami)
Cincinnati: 11-3 (vs Buffalo, at Kansas City)
Indianapolis: 13-1 (home field advantage... at Seattle, vs Arizona)
Denver: 11-3 (first round bye... vs Oakland, at San Diego)
Note: Denver has a 8-2 conference record compared to Cincy's 7-3, so Denver still has the bye.

Wild Card:
Jacksonville: 10-4 (at Houston, vs Tennessee)
Pittsburgh: 9-5 (at Cleveland, vs Detroit)

First Round Games:
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, winner at Denver
Jacksonville at New England, winner at Indianapolis

Still Alive:
San Diego: 9-5 (at Kansas City, vs Denver)
Kansas City: 8-6 (vs San Diego, vs Cincinnati)

As I noticed last week, the AFC playoff picture is basically set. At this stage it would take a lot for something to change. San Diego has two tough games left. Pittsburgh and Jacksonville have two easy games left. Kansas City is pretty much eliminated, although I'm keeping them in the column for sheer giggles this week. The only other struggle is between Denver and Cincinatti for the second first round bye. Both teams have one hard game and one easy game. My pick right now would be Denver taking that spot. Because the spots are pretty much done the matchups aren't too great, although Kansas City-San Diego should be a desperate and fun game.

NFC Current Playoff Picture:

Division Leaders:
NY Giants: 10-4 (at Washington, at Oakland)
Chicago: 10-4 (first round bye... at Green Bay, at Minnesota)
Carolina: 10-4 (vs Dallas, at Atlanta)
Seattle: 12-2 (home field advantage... vs Indy, at Green Bay)
Note: NY Giants are seeded over Carolina because of a .5 game conference lead.

Wild Card:
Tampa Bay: 9-5 (vs Atlanta, vs New Orleans)
Washington: 8-6 (vs NY Giants, at Philadelphia)

First Round Games:
Washington at NY Giants, winner at Chicago
Tampa Bay at Carolina, winner at Seattle

Still Alive:
Dallas: 8-6 (at Carolina, vs St Louis)
Atlanta: 8-6 (at Tampa Bay, vs Carolina)
Minnesota: 8-6 (at Baltimore, vs Chicago)

This week's action really stirred up the NFC playoff picture. If it ended up like this, I would love it. At this stage we would face either Tampa Bay or Carolina. That's like a dream come true. Congrats to Washington for jumping back into this picture and holding all the tiebreakers, basically because of their utter suckitude against the AFC. That 8-2 NFC conference record sure looks good. Atlanta is pretty much toast. Two tough conference games with no tiebreakers. Minnesota is pretty much toast. Baltimore is 5-2 at home and then they play the Bears. Dallas has a shot, but that's another tough game at Carolina. Luckily the Panthers have been beatable at home. A few good games this week to look forward to, like the Dallas-Carolina game. Atlanta-Tampa Bay is an elimination game for the Falcons. The best one on the slot is the Washington-NY Giants matchup. Huge grudge match with serious playoff implications for both sides. As for the Hawks, they do need to win on Saturday. I don't want to have to beat Brett Favre on what could be his final game to clinch home field. While the matchup isn't as sexy as it could have been, it means a lot and we need to show up.

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