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Monday, December 05, 2005

NFL Week 13 in Review

I have just gotten back to my hotel after witnessing the total annihilation of the Philadelphia Eagles at the hands of our Seattle Seahawks. Basically, I can't sleep. Therefore, here's the week in review...

Green Bay 7 at Chicago 19
Hypothesis: Every week there is at least one upset
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
Count me officially as off the Brett Favre bandwagon. He completely lost this game for his team. Up 7-6 with 30 seconds left in the first half, Favre throws an awful interception that is run back almost for a touchdown, although Chicago settles for a field goal. A few more costly interceptions later and Green Bay doesn't score again, although the Bears run one back for their only touchdown. So again Chicago does jack squat on offense, but gets lucky with turnovers on defense. This will come back to bite them at some point. Their defense is starting to give up yards...

Jacksonville 20 at Cleveland 14
Hypothesis: Teams with quarterback controversies rarely succeed
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville
Cleveland looked like they could pick up an upset until Jacksonville remembered that David Garrard is actually fairly good and that Cleveland is really bad. The loss of Braylon Edwards hurts, if only because he was starting to show flashes of the potential that made him such a high draft pick. The Jags beat another cupcake team... can they please beat Indy next week?

Minnesota 21 at Detroit 16
Hypothesis: Go with the team with less turmoil
Scientific Pick: Minnesota.
Minnesota wins yet again. I'm liking the Vikings more and more each week. They made need to win out, but the likelihood of the situation is that they have saved Mike Tice's job. For Lions fans everywhere, Jeff Garcia is not the answer. I would personally like them to get a real offensive line, and then see if Kevin Jones can be a feature running back. Until then these games suck.

Tennessee 3 at Indianapolis 35
Hypothesis: Dominant teams win these games at home
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
Dominant teams do win those games. This was never close. Indy now opens a run of three tough games, ending with their trip to Seattle. Let's see how that works out.

Buffalo 23 at Miami 24
Hypothesis: When only one team shows any sort of consistency in any facet of the game, go with that
Scientific Pick: Miami
This ended up being a pretty darn good game. Tonight I was sitting with a Dolphins fan who was gamecasting this from his home in Philadelphia. The gamecast was stuck for five minutes right before Miami got the go-ahead touchdown. I would have hated life for a while. This win catapults Miami into second place in the AFC East. Yes! As for Buffalo, the first quarter sure was cool, huh?

Tampa Bay 10 at New Orleans 3
Hypothesis: If Aaron Brooks has had a few good games in a row, he is due for a poor game
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay's defense against Aaron Brooks. Sure didn't take much to pick this one, did it Scientist?

Dallas 10 at NY Giants 17
Hypothesis: When both offenses have life to them, go with the better defense

Scientific Pick: Dallas
This was an incredibly unimpressive game by Dallas. They didn't look like they could move the ball down the field if New York only used ten men. Frankly, at this point I'll be surprised if Dallas makes the playoffs. I think the offense is starting to get exposed (just like Colin and I predicted). New York bounced back well, and even if Eli Manning didn't light it up again, they played well enough to win. That defense might be the second best in the NFC outside of Chicago now.

Cincinnati 38 at Pittsburgh 31
Hypothesis: Third time is the charm for growing teams
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati
This game wasn't as close as the score indicated. Cincinnati just blew through Pittsburgh's vaunted defense to score almost at will. This was definitely a passing of the torch type affair. Again, Pitt has to start looking in the mirror or they're screwed. The running game has fallen apart and Ben Roethlisberger can't complete a pass to anyone not named Hines Ward. At the end of the day, Pittsburgh wins with defense and that defense has been mauled two straight weeks. If they can't pick it up they will be watching Cincinnati come playoff time.

Atlanta 6 at Carolina 24
Hypothesis: Go with the team that can actually run the football
Scientific Pick: Atlanta
Another team that needed to win that threw up a stinker. Dallas, Pittsburgh and Atlanta need victories and none of them played well. Atlanta might have played the worst game of all of them. They took none of the good vibes from their destruction of Detroit. Yes, Carolina's defense was intense and dominated the line of scrimmage, but Atlanta had played too well against the Panthers for too long not to at least stay close. Jake Delhomme is starting to throw the ball to people not named Steve Smith. Bad for my fantasy team. Good for everything else.

Houston 15 at Baltimore 16
Hypothesis: Ugh. Go with the team that sucks
Scientific Pick: Baltimore
When it rains, it pours, huh? Two weeks in a row Houston has blown a late fourth quarter lead. Two weeks in a row. They weren't even leading games earlier in the year. Good news is that they're fighting. Bad news is that moral victories count for squat. This was a boring game until the very end. These two teams should be barred from viewing for the rest of the season.

Washington 24 at St. Louis 9
Hypothesis: Fill-in quarterbacks struggle in the second week
Scientific Pick: Washington
The Hypothesis summed this game up pretty darn well. Houston's defense does not hold a candle to Washington's. Ryan Fitzpatrick discovered that and some. Thanks to the Redskins for sewing up the NFC West in this one. This game wasn't that exciting, as St Louis couldn't generate anything on offense. Joe Gibbs staves off the boo birds for at least one week.

Arizona 17 at San Francisco 10
Hypothesis: Never trust a quarterback shuffle
Scientific Pick: Arizona
What should I write about this game? It sucked. There was nothing redeemable about it. You want to know what happened? Get Tivo.

Denver 27 at Kansas City 31
Hypothesis: Go with the team with the most to lose
Scientific Pick: Kansas City
This was the one division game where both teams actually played well. Thankfully I also got to watch it. If Kansas City didn't have the schedule from hell I would be confident in their playoff chances. Now I'm just confident they can play with anyone. Larry Johnson is the second half NFL MVP. He cannot be stopped right now. I love the type of cuts he is making in traffic. It is poetry in motion. Now if they could only find Tony Gonzalez a few more times. Mike Shanahan and the Broncos can't be too upset to lose this one. Winning at Arrowhead is always a difficult proposition. The Broncos are still strong. They'll be around. Now, though, they need to beat San Diego when they face the Chargers.

NY Jets 3 at New England 16
Hypothesis: Never pick the Jets again this season
Scientific Pick: New England
(Gavin projects East Coast media)
The Patriots won! The Dynasty lives! Tom Brady is bigger than Jesus!

Oakland 10 at San Diego 34
Hypothesis: When both teams have good running attacks, go with the team that actually uses it
Scientific Pick: San Diego
Yet again, Sunday Night Football fails to come through for ESPN. Frankly, I think they just don't want people to have to watch their crappy announcers. Oakland is drifting now. Maybe the players sense that the coaches are on their way out, because this was one of the first Raiders games I've watched this year where they haven't even tried. San Diego is still my favorite team in the AFC West. I really want to see them in the postseason.

Seattle at Philadelphia

Hypothesis: Some seasons are magical, some seasons go downhill
Scientific Pick: Seattle
Total. Complete. Domination.
Respect cometh our way.

The Scientific Method has now shown up two straight weeks, this time with an incredible 13-3. Put him up against Pete Prisco.

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