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Thursday, December 29, 2005


The title up above is my version of a clever take-off on one of the Crushed Optimists' favorite sites, Fire Joe Morgan. On it the commenter's skewer the more ignorant sports columns of the day. I've always been curious why they don't write more on the inane articles written by one Scoop Jackson. Finally, today, my prayers were answered. Read all of this. My favorite line?

Stephen A. Smith's show
No one really got the magnitude of this. Not even at ESPN. When the deal went down and "Quite Frankly" was born, the first thing I wanted to do was write a column about it. Not happening. "Too self-promoting" was what I was told. But "QF" was bigger than that. It was bigger than ESPN.

That's so ridiculous it's hard to make fun of. How about some facts, then? The number of people watching Quite Frankly ranges from 0.1% to 0.3% of the people watching TV. If you're wondering, those numbers are very bad. Cold Pizza bad. Previously-recorded British darts tournament bad. According to Scoop Jackson, the show is bigger than ESPN.
Fire Joe Morgan also links to another site, Deadspin, where a commenter has this to say about Jackson's writing in general...

Unfortunately, even "good Scoop" writes like a retarded third grader. The problem is not so much an "economy of language" as it is a "misunderstanding of language."
As you probably can tell, I am not a huge Scoop Jackson fan. I think his writing is almost illegible, and most of his rantings are almost worthy of Skip Bayless, they are so bad. His uplifting of an awful Quite Frankly show as a peon of black culture is an insult to ESPN stalwart Michael Wilbon, who's Pardon the Interruption show is three times as insightful and entertaining as anything Quite Frankly could hope to be. Most of Scoop's articles make no sense, and he throws around the term "racism" way too much. As I say often, it's sports, for crying out loud. We're not talking about the Middle East peace process here. Anyone who tries to take themselves too seriously isn't doing so. Quite Frankly, if Scoop wants to throw out a top story and use racism, he should write articles about the lack of African American D-1 football head coaches. That's wrong. Quite Frankly, however, is also wrong.

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