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Monday, November 14, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Of course this could also be referred to as the collective optimism of Seahawk nation after yesterday's destruction of the hated Rams. I have to say that a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. We cannot overlook the 49ers next week, but we should easily be 8-2 going into a huge two game stretch against the Giants and Eagles. That would be time to lock the NFC away.

Colin's recap should suffice but, as usual, Art Thiel sums the mood up in his own way.

National praise has, as has been the norm this year, been muted. Carolina, Dallas, and New York are still rated higher than the Hawks in most pundit's minds. John Clayton is not most pundits. I was pretty upset when he, of all people, joined the Arizona bandwagon. Him jumping back on ours is most satsifying.

The M's are starting to talk to free agents. Colin and I, barring sickness, will have a Mariner offseason overview this week. Suffice it to say, I am underwhelmed by Jacque Jones. Take that, USS Mariner!

The Sonics finally won again, even if they had to do it against a terrible Raptors squad. My first pick of the year has happened... Nick Collison started over Reggie Evans. This should continue for the remainder of the season. The interior defense is better, the scoring is better, the rebounding is equal. While he isn't going to average 20 and 10, he will provide a needed threat down low. He simply can get his shot off better than Reggie, who should average a bit more than 5 minutes, but not much more. Question: where's Vlade? If he's pissed, he should show it on the court. Potapenko was benched, which was a good decision considering how outplayed he was in the three big losses. I might have been wrong on him... he might not be an improvement over Jerome James.

Finally, kudos abound for the UW football team and their victory over Arizona. Yes, Arizona is not a good team, but it was a decisive victory on the road. It, especially if coupled with a win Saturday in the Apple Cup, was a validation of Isaiah Stanback and Tyrone Willingham, and gives us actual hope for next year. Congrats.

Have fun, Seattle fans. Weekends like this don't happen often. Enjoy it.

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