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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Random Sonics Thoughts

I watched all of two minutes of the game last night. Unfortunately, it was THOSE two minutes, where the Sonics absolutely tanked.

My thoughts:

1. Why is Flip Murray dribbling the ball?
Does anyone outside of Flip believe that he should be carrying the ball for the majority of the offensive set? Flip should not be the AD replacement. He is a horrible, albeit streaky, shooter, a horrible defender, and a mucho-horrible passer.

2. Why was Damien Wilkins not guarding Sam Cassell?
There is a reason why we resigned Wilkins. He is our best defender. By far. Sam Cassell was shooting lights out. He does that every now and then. That's the type of scorer he is. Weiss had a weapon to negate Cassell, and chose not to unveil that weapon, instead leaving the Flipper on him. That made no sense.

3. Weiss needs to pay more attention to the rotation
Our fears of TOO much depth seemed to surface in this game. Again, you had people like Flip Murray and Reggie Evans playing crunch minutes. Ray and, especially, Rashard were not getting the ball, which pissed Rashard off as evidenced by his post-game quotes. He should be ticked off. Evans has no business trying to create offense for himself. That speaks of undisciplined play. Weiss needs to limit the minutes of several people, while creating minutes for Wilkins and Radmanovic, even if Radman is shooting blanks.

4. Glimpse of optimism: Johan Petro
A young big man with actual talent. Wow. About time. Here's hoping he continues to shine in a limited role.

5. This is not the time to freak out
However, just like last year, this is a gut-check time for the Sonics where they need to decide what kind of team they want to be. Last year they were extremely unselfish and knew to feed Ray and Rashard in the clutch. They went after the extra board, played hard, and knew their role. People need to look each other in the eye and understand where they fit on this team.

6. I refuse to believe we lost this game because of the absence of AD and Nate, but they sure would have helped, wouldn't they?

7. Denver is 0-2. I repeat. Denver is 0-2. That says absolutely nothing about them. Same about us. It was a loss that shouldn't have happened, but it is not the end of the world. I trust Ray and Rashard to speak bluntly to this team and make things happen.

8. I cannot believe, for the life of me, that Bill Simmons, in his NBA preview, stated that the Sonics would really miss what Jerome James gave them.

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