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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NFL Week 9 in Review

This was one of the first weeks where basically every favored team won. Not a good week to pick upsets.

Yes, I know this post is a day late. Colin and I both came down with something harsh yesterday and I'm still carrying a 101 temperature today. Good times. Slept from 7:45 last night to 8:00 this morning.

We will also see today how Colin absolutely dominated Pete Prisco.

Tennessee 14 at Cleveland 20
Hypothesis: When you believe the teams are equal, pick against Pete Prisco
Scientific Pick: Cleveland
Petey Pick: Tennessee
What a thoroughly boring matchup. When your biggest story is Cleveland scoring its first rushing touchdown in a year you know these are two teams that are not exactly heading to the postseason. Cleveland does deserve some congratulations for bouncing back after losing to Houston the week previously. Kudos to Steve McNair, who is still battling even with absolutely no receiving talent. Again, Tennessee might actually be pretty good next season. We'll see what kind of offseason they have.

Oakland 23 at Kansas City 27
Hypothesis: Stay away from a jumpy quarterback on the road
Scientific Pick: Kansas City
Petey Pick: Oakland
What a terrific game. Two good offenses trading punches, KC in the first half, Oakland in the second. Dick Vermeil rolling the dice with the final play. Yet another game that proves my point from the beginning of our preseason previews... the AFC West is the best division in football. All you NFC East enthusiasts can bite me. Kerry Collins yet again is avoiding throwing crucial interceptions. Two key points of this matchup. Tony Gonzalez is starting to make an appearance in KCs offense, which bodes well for the Chiefs in the second half of the season. LaMont Jordan didn't run through KCs defense, which bodes well for the Chiefs in the second half of the season.

Atlanta 17 at Miami 10
Hypothesis: A superior pass rush can dominate an offense manned by a poor quarterback
Scientific Pick: Atlanta
Petey Pick: Miami
This is just another example of why I'm not a huge Atlanta fan. Miami is not a good team (even if Pete Prisco seems to think so), and yet Atlanta could only muster 17 first half points against them. Why is that? Even with Michael Vick actually having a good day throwing the ball the Falcons couldn't put this team away. While their defensive effort was impressive, we do need to remember that it is against Gus Frerotte. Yes, that Gus Frerotte.

Detroit 14 at Minnesota 27
Hypothesis: Never pick Minnesota until Brad Johnson proves he's not 50 years old
Scientific Pick: Detroit
Petey Pick: Detroit
What the heck is going on with Joey Harrington? His confidence looks completely shot. He couldn't hit wide open receivers unless they were wearing Minnesota's colors. Steve Mariucci cannot get a consistent offense going. Kevin Jones still looks lost. Detroit is definitely one of my picks for most disappointing team of the year. As for Brad Johnson, he didn't look 50 years old on Sunday. He may not have the arm strength of pure playmaking ability of Daunte Culpepper, but he will make good decisions and move the ball down the field. Interesting to see if his success continues in future weeks.

San Diego 31 at NY Jets 26
Hypothesis: Sometimes the records don't show the disparity
Scientific Pick: San Diego
Petey Pick: NY Jets (which is ridiculous)
I agree with Colin. Picking the Jets here was ridiculous. they might be at home, but they are led by Vinny Testaverde (and then Brooks Bollinger, who is actually looking pretty good). San Diego is just on a roll offensively. LaDainian Tomlinson is frankly unstoppable, and Antonio Gates is becoming the best tight end in the NFL. Question mark for the Chargers is what's been a continuous problem... closing out games. This game wasn't as close as the score indicates, and that's a reflection on poor 4th quarter coaching by Marty Schottenheimer.

Carolina 34 at Tampa Bay 14
Hypothesis: Laugh at Chris Simms. Long and Loud.
Scientific Pick: Carolina
Petey Pick: Tampa Bay
This was an easy pick and an easy victory. Chris Simms sucks. He connected on some deep throws, but can't do much of anything well. Tampa Bay is going to start sliding back down into the pack in the second half of the season because of Simms and the injury problems of Carnell Williams. Carolina is 6-2 with many pathetic wins, but this one was slightly more impressive. Not much, but slightly. Steve Smith continues to be my fantasy hero, and Jake Delhomme is starting to spread the ball around more, which is good news for Panther fans.

Houston 14 at Jacksonville 21
Hypothesis: Lightning doesn't strike two weeks in a row
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville
Petey Pick: Jacksonville
Colin was right. Lightning does not strike two weeks in a row, but it sure came close. What is up with Jacksonville? They can't score or put away teams far less talented than them. With such an easy schedule in the second half of the season, the Jags need to learn how to put up some real points. They shouldn't need a 4th quarter comeback to beat a team like the Texans at home. As for the Texans, if David Carr is given time in the pocket, he is not a bad quarterback. Getting Andre Johnson back sure helped. Having a solid backup RB like Jonathan Wells sure helped. Houston is going to win a couple more games this year if they play like that... and Jacksonville is going to lose a couple more games this year if they play like that.

Cincinnati 21 at Baltimore 9
Hypothesis: If last week was the best offense the Ravens can muster, stay clear
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati
Petey Pick: Baltimore
Picking Baltimore in this game would be a huge overreaction to the previous Monday night affair. Again, the Ravens cannot move the ball. They cannot run, cannot pass, cannot do anything except kick field goals. Not a good recipe for wins. Cincinatti did exactly what they needed to do, score enough against that defense to force Baltimore to throw. Not a pretty win, but good enough.

Chicago 20 at New Orleans 17
Hypothesis: Never pick Aaron Brooks against a dominant defense
Scientific Pick: Chicago
Petey Pick: New Orleans
I was reading the Sporting News on Monday and they had Thomas Jones as the best running back in the NFC for the first half of the season. That is absurd. Still, he's been a terrific story, as has that vaunted Bears defense, which came through yet again to pull Chicago through another close ballgame. I'm not sure how Chicago would do against a team with actual talent (Seattle, NY Giants), but they do put away bad opponents, a skill Jacksonville could learn. As for the Saints, they continue to lose close games, although this time it wasn't because of a crappy call by the refs. Aaron Brooks is still not doing much of anything, and they seem to score just enough points to lose in the fourth quarter. I would be very bored with this team if I was a fan.

Seattle 33 at Arizona 19
Hypothesis: Teams in quarterback flux never succeed
Scientific Pick: Seattle
Petey Pick: Arizona (because he hates us)
Drunk obnoxious Cardinals fans - 0. Awesome Seahawks fans wearing jerseys in Arizona heat - 1.

NY Giants 24 at San Francisco 6
Hypothesis: Just go with the better team
Scientific Pick: NY Giants
Petey Pick: NY Giants
Well, Colin actually didn't have this one as his upset special of the week, which was a good move on his part. This was a boring game that the Giants had no business losing, and they didn't. Cody Pickett wasn't that great, although they had the offense toned way down for him. I would like to see him succeed, but against the Giants wasn't a good time. Try the Cardinals.

Pittsburgh 20 at Green Bay 10
Hypothesis: There will be one big upset per week
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
Petey Pick: Pittsburgh
I don't understand how Green Bay loses this game. The Steelers have nothing going for themselves, and yet the Packers cannot take advantage at Lambeau and win this one. Of course, Pittsburgh's defense showed up yet again, perhaps my pick as best defense in the league. Still, this was a good upset pick, and Green Bay disappoints yet again in their pursuit of Reggie Bush.

Philadelphia 10 at Washington 17
Hypothesis: Teams in ultra turmoil underperform
Scientific Pick: Washington
Petey Pick: Philadelphia
I don't understand how you pick Philadelphia in this game. NFC East teams are beating one another at home, Philly is in ultra turmoil (as Colin stated above), and Washington's defense is going to be ticked off after getting rolled over by the Giants the week previously. The Eagles simply do not have a passing attack now. Reggie Brown is not Terrell Owens. He is a talented rookie, not one of the top three receivers in the league. The Eagles offensive line is simply not being able to open any holes for Brian Westbrook, who while armed with a new extension averaged about a yard per carry. This is not an impressive offense and I honestly don't see Philadelphia coming out on top in the NFC again.

Indianapolis 40 at New England 21
Hypothesis: Pick the champs until they lose
Scientific Pick: New England
Petey Pick: Indianapolis
I agree Colin. You had to pick New England here. Indianapolis is simply a really good team this year. Peyton Manning was definitely a man on a mission. Good news for NFL opponents... Indy's defense finally was exposed to have some holes. That's what happens when they don't play teams like San Francisco each time out. Impressive victory for Indianapolis, and probably clinches home field advantage in the playoffs.

This was one heck of a good weak for the Scientific Method, as he goes 11-3. Bam! Meanwhile, Petey Prisco goes 4-10 as yet again he proves what a useless "expert" he is.

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