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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Five Things Colin Was Wrong About

We like to have a little fun on this site ripping people like Pete Prisco for being morons, especially when it comes to the NFL, the Seahawks, and the Arizona Cardinals.

It's time to be able to take it as well as dish it.

I present to you the top five NFL teams that Colin was incredibly wrong on:

5. The Washington Redskins
Raise your hands if you thought that Mark Brunell was going to be an offensive stallion for the 'Skins. Anyone? Bueller? Well, I definitely wasn't there, and, in fact, I spent my preview mostly talking about how Patrick Ramsey was at least better than Brunell. My conclusion on the offense: "They were pathetic, and they probably will remain pathetic."

Actually, Colin, you were dead wrong. Surely you should have been able to see Santana Moss become a top-5 receiver in the NFL, with an offensive line suddenly able to protect Brunell and open at least a few holes for Clinton Portis. That, along with another good season from the defense, has catapulted Washington into the playoff hunt. They might not make it, but they have definitely proven me wrong already.

4. Green Bay Packers
What I said: "This offense has the ability to get back to the postseason......" What I should have said: "This offense will lose virtually everyone to injury except Brett Favre, and he will characteristically try to do too much and fling up about 5,000 interceptions.

Seriously, this can't be the last year for Favre. And for those people who insist that Aaron Rodgers should be playing right now, think for a moment. Are you ready to bid adieu to perhaps the greatest quarterback of the last decade? Do you never want to see him again? I'm not there yet, not until it's embarrassing to watch him try to play, and he's definitely not there yet.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
It remains to be seen just how wrong I was with this team after two horrible losses and a luck win against the Redskins. But that defense has gelled together once more, cementing Monte Kiffen as a Hall of Fame candidate as a defensive coordinator. I predicted them to be in full rebuilding mode this season led by an inconsistent Brian Griese and an injured Cadillac Williams.

I got 1/3 of that prediction right, namely the injury to Cadillac. Joey Galloway has also been a revelation this year, taking over playmaker duties from a slumping Michael Clayton. Jon Gruden has showed me something this year, but I still expect this team to miss the playoffs, if barely. If they can beat Atlanta this Sunday, however.....

2. New York Jets
Let me just count the ways that I was wrong on this team.
-- The offense will open up
-- The defense looks incredible, possible top-5
-- Possibly the second best team in the AFC
-- Mike Nugent will make an impact
-- The defensive line remains strong

Apparently, like Gavin wrote at the time, the heat was getting to me in Phoenix, because none of those predictions came close to being true. Pennington sucked when he was "healthy" and was sidelined muy pronto, the defense is letting running backs gash them constantly, Curtis Martin looks 48 years old, Mike Nugent is terrible, and they might be the second-worst team in the AFC after the Houston Texans.

1. Denver Broncos
I was part of the herd that saw Mike Shanahan as washed up, done, and the anti-genuis after he brought the Cleveland Browns defense over and drafted Maurice Clarett in the 3rd round. I picked them to finish last in the AFC West, actually, due to Plummer, a horrific defense, and no real talent.

Well, shucks. That was a tad off, now wasn't it? Jake Plummer has looked pretty darn good, the running game has looked phenomenal, and the defense has been solid if not spectacular. At this point they are sitting pretty at 7-2, with a nice road win over the Raiders last Sunday.

So... five teams. Five mistakes. Five reasons never to pay attention to anything I write.


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At 1:54 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

Gavin, on the other hand, is never wrong.


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