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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Best Game I've Ever Seen?

No. 8 Gonzaga 109

No. 12 Michigan State 106

Three Overtimes.

Clutch shot after clutch shot.

Maurice Ager hits a long three as time expires in regulation to send it to overtime

Adam Morrison is simply incredible, scoring 43 points

Paul Davis can't miss from the line

Same with J.P. Batista

Huge inside play. Huge outside play.

This is a game that simply can't be described. If you were lucky enough to watch it, you know what I am talking about. Until now, the best college basketball games I had seen were the Kentucky-Arizona NCAA championship game and the Gonzaga-Arizona 2OT thriller in the NCAA tournament a few years ago.

But I simply have never seen a game played at that high of a level for that long of a time. No team had a lead of over three points after about 8 minutes left in the second half. That's about 23 game minutes of back and forth basketball. That's unbelievable.

Now if only Gonzaga can play like this in the tournament this year.....

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