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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Atypical Rant

It's about time to just rant a little. Obviously this can't be about the Seahawks, because I feel like I'm living in the lap of luxury with them. All my files magically disappeared from my office computer yesterday, and I didn't get too upset, because of the Hawks win over the Rams on Sunday.

I can't get mad about the Huskies. I like the road that Ty Willingham has the football team on, and Romar has the basketball team ready to rumble in the Pac-10 once again.

I can't get mad about hockey because it's hockey. Golf is more important then hockey. The World Series of Poker is more important then hockey.

That leaves the Mariners and the Sonics. Finally. Something to get mad about.

First, I'm mad that the Mariners management (I'm talking about you, Lincoln) refuses to put the Mariners payroll into the higher echelon where it belongs. I'm mad that our offseason is going to absolutely suck because we don't have the financial balls to get the job done. Sure, I can talk up a perfect offseason for the Mariners:

Kenji Jojima at Catcher
Brian Giles at Left Field
A.J. Burnett at SP
Kevin Millwood at SP
Estaban Loaiza at SP

That would leave us with a rotation of:
King Felix

And a lineup of:
Ichiro RF
Reed CF
Giles LF
Sexson 1B
Beltre 3B
Ibanez DH
Lopez 2B
Jojima C
Betancourt SS

Now there is a team that can win some games. No more underachievers. No more Ryan Franklin or Gil Meche in a Mariners uniform. No more watching Joel Piniero flail around on the mound hoping that the "talent" he showed earlier in his career magically reappears. No more watching Raul Ibanez in the #3 slot, which is an absolute embarrassment. No more aging veterans who can't play anymore and yet we still pay them, ala Bret Boone.

Unfortuantely, there is no way in (opposite of heaven) that our offseason will look remotely like that. Ichiro is already pissed off (which is about time, and hopefully something comes of that). We have already decided to pay a closer with a torn rotator cuff over $6 million, which is the equivalent of throwing money down a giant rat hole (joke stolen from Dilbert). Lincoln has already said that we won't be raising payroll in any substantial way this year, even though money is needed to improve on the general malaise that we find ourselves in.

If $20 million more is needed to contend for a title, you have to believe that is more then worth it for the increased ticket sales, any postseason revenue, plus increased season tickets for the recurring year. $20 million can definitely help this picture. Otherwise we are looking at an offseason that looks like:

Jojima C
Either Jones or Burnitz (danger!) LF
Loiaza SP
Brown SP
Devestation of Hopes and Dreams (Colin)

So, no, not a lot of hope for the Mariners right now. At least Ichiro is starting to raise (opposite of heaven). Lord knows nothing else has worked.

And what about the Sonics? Why are they 2-5 and allowing teams to score 130 points a game? Well, shucks, let's see.

Vladimer Radmanovic
Vitaly Potapenko
Flip Murray

You have your 3rd scorer acting like a baby 3 games into the season while shooting worse then he ever has. You have your starting center playing worse then a 19 year old Frenchman. You have your backup point guard.... ugh. I can't explain just how bad Murray has looked. Suffice it to say that Mateen Cleeves has looked better then Flip Murray.

Oh, yeah. Bob Weiss, who had an entire offseason and preseason to prepare for the ACTUAL season, looks entirely lost. I mean, he looks like he has no freaking idea what to do on the sideline. Listen. I know I couldn't coach in the NBA. I am not an expert in rotations, or play-calling, or post moves, etc. But I KNOW I can't coach, and I don't try to coach in the NBA. Meanwhile, I am waiting for Bobby to make one nice coaching move in the NBA so far.

These first seven games are reminding me why I was prepared to ditch the Sonics before last year. They are reverting to their selfish, spoiled selves of seasons past. At least Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis aren't taking this lying down, but are spouting off at teammates after every loss. Maybe they should coach. Couldn't be any worse.

Actually, I can't rant that much about the Sonics. I just don't care enough yet. Maybe by February.

But the Mariners? Oh, man. If you guys don't put together a great offseason..... I might.... well, I won't actually DO anything, but I'll be really, really upset. Might even throw a few curse words in your direction.

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