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Thursday, October 13, 2005

When A Strike Isn't A Strike

Sweet Mother of Mercy.


No excuse for that horrible call. No excuse. The arm went out, signalling the third out of the inning. You can bet your britches that Josh Paul would have tagged A.J. if he had dropped that ball. Every White Sox player was a tad sheepish in the post-game press conference.

This ALMOST makes me want to cheer for the Angels, until I realize how much I hate them, especially the Scrapster Extraordinaire, Darin Erstad.

When I make a bad call at work, I have quoted a research paper incorrectly or given a student a slightly lower (or higher) grade than they deserve.

When an umpire completely botches a game like that, they have tarnished the rest of the series and the MLB postseason.

Harsh? Yes. But true.

"....I shot the Rally Monkey, but I didn't shoot his deputy....."

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