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Saturday, October 15, 2005

What College Football is All About...

I have to gush for a second.

If you missed the USC/Notre Dame affair that just finished you just missed one of the best college football games I've seen in a very long time.

First, let's get any controversy out of the way. Matt Leinart fumbled the ball out of bounds. The clock stops when the ball is fumbled out of bounds. The timekeeper, a local fan, let the clock run out. The refs made the correct call. It was also gutsy, getting the students out of there, pushing Notre Dame back to their sidelines, and playing on.

Pete Carroll may not be a great strategist, but going for it on that QB sneak was an insane play. If Leinart is tackled, Carroll is vilified for seasons. Since he makes it, he will be lavished with praise.

The fourth down conversion pass to Dwayne Jarrett was one of the best pressure passes you will ever see. For Leinart to have the confidence to audible to that play is one of the reasons he will be the #1 quarterback chosen in the draft.

For all of Reggie Bush's talents, one that isn't talked about as much is his blocking ability. He picked up two straight blitzes on that final drive, including on the fourth down play, which helped Leinart make the important throws. He also just has an insane burst of speed when he hits the corner... his second touchdown was a thing of beauty. I fully expect to see him as a SF 49er when the season starts next year.

Notre Dame is for real. Charlie Weis is for real (and wouldn't it have been great to have the New England wunderkind take out the New England dud?). Brady Quinn is for real.

The punt return for a touchdown by one of the many players with wierd last names for Notre Dame was physical and brilliant. He earned the past twenty yards by breaking three solid tackles, including one hell of a stiff arm.

Notre Dame's defense did a great job forcing USC out of what they like to do, keeping the Trojans off the field, and getting crucial turnovers. They also got consistent pressure on Leinart and noticably knocked him off his game.

Notre Dame's offensive line also won the battle, helping the Fighting Irish have over 10 third down conversions and dominating the time-of-possession battle.

Games like this make me sad though... because this is Notre Dame's second loss there is no way we will see a rematch, because we DON'T HAVE A FREAKING PLAYOFF SYSTEM!!!

Stupid NCAA.

Amazing Game.

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