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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Week 4: Hawks at Washington

Washington Redskins: 2-0
2004 Home Record: 3-5
2005 Home Record: 1-0


Quarterback: Matt Hasselbeck (769 yds, 4 TDs, 2 INTs) vs Mark Brunell (361 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT)
Matt Hasselbeck had himself a fairly decent game against Arizona, but still hasn't had a take-charge effort. The receivers have been catching the ball, and his accuracy has been there, but I just haven't been completely impressed yet. He is definitely going to have to be on against the Redskins. Still, comparably to what Mark Brunell has done (two good deep balls to Santana Moss) Hasselbeck is Joe Montana. Brunell has lost much of his mobility, and his accuracy is very sub-par. If he hadn't completed those passes, we might be talking about Patrick Ramsey again. Advantage: Seattle

Running Back: Shaun Alexander (357 yds, 5 TDs) vs Clinton Portis (173 yds, 0 TDs)
Shaun took over a second game for us against the Cardinals. He ran with authority against a defense geared to stop him. He blew through short yardage situations, and had that one terrific cut-back run. His blocking has even been a tad over mediocre. At this point he is not only the MVP of our team, but has been close to the MVP of the league. Portis is continuing his disappointing trend of not being worth Champ Bailey. Only 173 yards in two games? No touchdowns? This is supposedly the back to take Joe Gibbs back to the promised land? Now, much of this is on the offensive line, but most Portis runs go something like so... hit the line, break one tackle, get ganged up by three defenders, two yards. Super Advantage: Seattle

Washington has Santana Moss. Santana Moss is a good receiver who will stretch the field and test us. When it comes to possessions, short yardage, etc, the Redskins have nothing. David Patten really needs to start coming through... he was much better with the Patriots. For the Hawks, Darrell Jackson is still rocking it, Bobby Engram is still rocking it, Joe Jurevicius is still rocking it, and Jerramy Stevens is coming on. Another lineup that's not even close. Advantage: Seattle

Offensive Line:
Our dominance running the ball isn't just because of Shaun. Our o-line is simply taking over games. We're not giving up bad sacks, we're pushing opposing lines off the ball. Atlanta and Jacksonville have terrific D-lines. They did nothing against us. Washington is already complaining about their offensive line, filled with underachievers like Chris Samuels. They should be better than their performance, but not yet. Advantage: Seattle

D-Line: Here's where the tables start to turn. The Redskins have a terrific defense. DT Cornelius Griffin can be a beast in the middle. DE Philip Daniels is going to go up against Walter Jones, so we can forget about him having an impact. This line plays well as a unit, and fills up space so the linebackers can run to the ball. Our line has played quite well, but I would like to see a few more sacks generated. Advantage: Washington

Linebackers: Again, our linebacking corps played extremely well. They get better and better each game. Leroy Hill had an insane tackle, and I think he'll probably take over DD Lewis' job by the end of the year. Still, we're going up against LaVar Arrington and friends. LaVar Arrington is an animal and he's finally healthy. This is a unit we will fear. Can they stop Shaun? The answer may decide this game. Advantage: Washington

Secondary: While everyone's in the middle of "Don't you miss Shawn Springs?" articles, we should remember that he sucked the last three years he was in Seattle. I still feel that he can be beaten deep. S Sean Taylor is excellent in run support. This is a secondary that will miss Fred Smoots. Our secondary continues to be very young on about two plays a game. Cutting that down keeps Santana Moss out of the end zone. It will be inexcusable to allow Washington to throw for 250 yards. Advantage: Push

Special teams: Please, can we have a game where the opposing team's special teams isn't forever and a day ahead of us? It seems like everything goes their way. We can't be pinned near our goal line. We can't have 50 yard field goals go against us. Advantage: Washington

Prediction: Washington is not a good team. They have an excellent defense, but an atrocious offense. They should not be 2-0. Time to make them 2-1. It will take Shaun going up against those linebackers. Keep their defense on the field and demoralize them. Hasselbeck has to hit the slants. We need to score 20 points. If we do, we win this one by seven. And we will.

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