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Monday, October 31, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Welcome to a new week! I have one mother of a headache going right now, exacerbated by everyone using those damn exclamation points on all their emails, like I didn't know they wanted a response in five minutes anyways.

My new favorite quote, "Gavin, please look into this, because it is very hot". So... should I take that to mean that I can go ahead and avoid most everything else from these individuals because it isn't "hot"? Wasn't it "hot" a week ago when I took care of it and then you messed it up? Does this mean it's not hotter? My point is, as always, I hate people.

After my little explosion, let's move on to the Ultimate!

- I agree with some writers today. Shouldn't Tennessee have retired Tee Martin's number before Peyton Manning's? Alongside Peyton's number, couldn't they at least have recognized the number of huge games Manning choked away (not unlike his "illustrious" NFL career)? Didn't Tee Martin, if nothing else, win the Volunteers a national championship? If I was Tee, I think I would actually be a little offended by this.

- I hear we've opened up contract negotiations with Shaun Alexander. Let's see where this goes. If he's asking for the moon, then never mind. If he's reasonable, sign him now. Remember his age, people. Remember his age.

- Daunte Culpepper tore an awful lot of stuff in his knee. That sounds like he'll be a question mark next year as a recovery risk. Not an enormous loss for the Vikings, since Brad Johnson is an extremely capable quarterback and Culpepper wasn't exactly lighting up the scoreboard, but from an emotional standpoint I'm sure it affects the team. The quotes from Mike Tice were pretty funny. I love you too, coach.

- Tom Benson appears to be the type of owner you want to annihilate, ala Ken Behring. The way he's treating New Orleans is not very kosher. If Paul Tagliabue has to step in and make his presence felt in the wake of Katrina, this man is not a nice one. New Orleans deserves a chance to make it happen for the Saints. Just cutting ties and running is not acceptable.

- Let the offseason GM and Coach carousel begin. Paul DePodesta might have made some pretty stupid moves regarding the 2005 Dodgers, but he didn't deserve what happened to him. In the same way, anyone who has seen what happened to the M's shouldn't start looking at Pat Gillick. Philadelphia and LA, beware of Stand Pat. Look at our farm system. Look at it! Nothing! Do not sign this man!

- Manny Ramirez wants to be traded again. Maybe I'm nuts, but I think the M's should consider this one. He's only the best hitter in baseball. Stick him in left field/DH. Why not? Chemistry? Family friendly environment? Sleepy Seattle would definitely leave him alone. I know we need pitching, need it badly, but the chance to get Manny Ramirez should not be passed up.

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