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Friday, October 28, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

The business world is a funny mistress. One vacillates between vapid meetings, pretending to work (or be important), wondering why individuals are backstabbing you from within audible hearing, wondering why bosses get upset over random issues, and waiting for sweet, sweet freedom.

That is why I'm taking a needed break 10 minutes before getting yelled at by a pissed off customer to write the Explosion!

- Duke is an excellent and easy preseason #1 pick for college basketball. When you return JJ Redick and Sheldon Williams, you are the #1 team in college basketball, hands down, especially if Redick improves on his penetration ability to go with that lethal outside jumper. However, I am really disappointed that Washington didn't even crack the top 25. That is a slap in the face to everything Coach Romar has built, and I look forward to the Huskies proving such East Coast homers wrong again. Only Arizona, Stanford and UCLA even cracked the top 25. Still, North Carolina hit 36th, so they have a few more things to complain about.

- These power rankings are absurd. The Lakers above the Sonics? The Bucks and Grizzlies above the Sonics? You have to be kidding me. Time for them to prove doubters wrong too.

- Ah, the spirit of political correctness affects us all. Far be it for two pro football players to talk about their faith in front of impressionable youngsters. How DARE they sink to such levels as let them know how they got where they are. How DARE they discuss such items. Basically, we will always offend people, no matter how hard we try. At some point there hits a line after which I just quit caring. This is definitely one of those times.

- This is a good trade for Milwaukee, because Andrew Bogut is going to need time to acclimate himself to the NBA, and Jamaal Magloire, when healthy, is an All-Star center. This should be a great asset to his development. Milwaukee actually has a nice talent base, but there are a lot of serious injury questions (Magloire, TJ Ford in particular) . They'll have to show it for a while before I become a believer.

- Finally, this is an excellent article on the Huskies. Here's what I like... the year after a 1 win record, Coach Willingham has managed to accumulate a top 25 recruiting class, with several prospects still out there to grab. Good job, coach, that's how this rebuilding effort will succeed. It's obvious that we need talent. Oh, and get some corners while you're at it.

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