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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

It's time to get back on this horse, because there's stuff worth writing about. One week until the Sonics open play... question marks abound, as our preview will discuss. The Huskies men's basketball team starts soon, and the excitement is palpable surrounding Coach Lorenzo Romar's program. The Hawks are 5-2, and look poised to brush aside years of disappointment, regardless of Pete Prisco's idiocy. It is a good time to be a Seattle sports fan.

- Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox for the World Series victory. I would be interested in looking at their offensive statistics in the postseason versus the regular season, because they sure did turn it on from that standpoint. Also, the Astros, just like the Cardinals last year, really choked this one away. They had Games 2-4 won multiple times, but had an insane inability to hit with runners in scoring position. Morgan Ensberg gets the LVP award for choking personally away Game 3. The question now is... do I pick the White Sox next year even in their division over Cleveland? Hmmmm...

- As you all are well aware of, we at Crushed Optimists are not huge Skip Bayless fans. Still, he writes an excellent article detailing Texas' rise to #1 in the BCS rankings. The main problem are computers that rank USC down even at #5. #5? What? Let's say it again, the BCS is ridiculous. One of these three teams is going to be screwed (possibly four if Georgia survives the SEC), Virginia Tech, USC, and Texas. Texas may be the loser because of how weak the Big 12 is. They haven't had a good game, and probably won't this entire season outside of that impressive Ohio State victory. Interesting question of the day... who would you rather have quarterback your team, Michael Vick or Vince Young? At this point, I'd pick Vince. His ability to throw the ball has improved exponentially this year and he has a lot of the same elusiveness and speed that Vick presents. Vick, as shown in the Monday night game, still cannot hit an open receiver at all. Just food for thought.

- As I wrote above, the Huskies are about to open their season. I'm pretty unimpressed with their preseason schedule. Apparently they would rather pull a Texas A&M this year than what they accomplished last year. I understand the theory... a lot of new faces need a lot of time to gel. Still, the chances of us getting a #1 or #2 seed is dramatically reduced right off the bat. I'm not a huge fan of Brandon Roy playing point, although I agree that if he can, it does help his NBA stock out a lot. I would prefer that he be able to make the slashing cuts he is known for and let the others handle the rock. I am excited about seeing what Ryan Appleby can do, and hope he can replace the outside shooting touch of Nate Robinson and Tre Simmons. I'm also really excited about Jon Brockman, who sounds like a stud waiting to happen. Any time he and Bobby Jones are on the floor at the same time should be a load of fun. I look into my crystal ball and see many opposing big men complaining to referees about non-calls. Go Dawgs!

- The M's blogosphere got their man, as Rafael Chaves has been hired as our new pitching coach. I'm a fan of this decision only because Felix Hernandez loves Chaves, and Felix Hernandez is our future. There's really not much to say... although it should be noted that Tacoma's staff has consistently performed well the past few years under Chaves' tutelage. He is not filler. As for the hitting coach, can't say I'm all that excited, but it's not like Don Baylor could do much for us last year, so whatever. Still, from the Royals? Is that the best we could do?

- I wasn't a fan of getting Reggie Evans back, and this article demonstrates why... we simply have too many big men. Where are the minutes going to go? My hopes are that Radmanovic, Fortson, Collison, Petro, and Potapenko get the majority of the minutes, but Evans getting in there throws everything out of whack. I'm simply not confident. Radmanovic especially needs minutes to establish a rhythm. More on this in our preview...

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