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Monday, October 24, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

I am sick myself (probably caught it when my immune system was shot to hell by yet another exciting Seahawks game) and get sicker when yet again our team doesn't get respect for being 5-2 with impressive wins over Atlanta, St Louis, and now Dallas. It is time to start being rated, because we are here to stay. Look at the schedule, at Arizona, vs St Louis, at San Francisco. We need to at least be 7-3 after that stretch, if not 8-2 and talking about home field advantage. Let's go Hawks!

I was talking with my dad after the win and mentioned that the last time I remembered us winning a game like that was "a long time ago, maybe 10 years or so when we blocked that field goal attempt and ran it back for a touchdown". Dad said he didn't remember it. Well, thanks to the Seattle PI, the proof is ready. On Nov. 3, 1996, Michael McCrary blocked a Houston field goal attempt with 16 seconds left, gave it to Robert Blackmon for the go ahead touchdown and a 23-16 win. So yeah, it's been 10 years since I can remember a win like that.

- Any else have fun reading all the quotes from Dallas players? It's all like deja vu from Hawks quotes assembled from games long ago. Something like "We couldn't put them away at the end" or "We just didn't make the final plays" or "We fought hard and I'm proud of this team". Stuff like that.

- Keep on reading Paul Shirley's blog at ESPN. His chat wrap makes me laugh pretty darn hard.

- Read the middle of Bill Simmons' latest article. Key quote...

Has there been a sports-related commercial that provoked more barbs and sarcastic comments in the last 25 years than A-Rod and Vlad having that HR contest for Pepsi? I giggle every time it comes on -- the only thing it's missing is a scoreboard that has A-Rod's team up by eight runs.
I love it. The biggest chokers of the postseason trying to sell Pepsi. You think the ad executives over there aren't regretting that particular decision?

- Texas overtakes USC in the BCS poll. Look, this is simply another reason why all this polling crap has to end. This shouldn't be a controversy. Texas, USC, Alabama, Georgia, and UCLA should all be ranked #1 because they are undefeated. Then at the end of the season they play it out on the field, not in computers or by "experts". Just look at preseason predictions (or weekly predictions) done by these so-called experts to realize how much weight we should give their opinions. Isn't it about time to ask what this year's Auburn or California will be? Who's going to get screwed? We could start writing the articles now.

- Bye week time. What to think about? Hopefully at the end of it all Bobby Engram and Andre Dyson will be back, D-Jack will be close, and Colin and I can laugh at all the Arizona fans while we're there live.


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