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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

I just got told that I am forced to have two weeks of mandatory vacation this year! I don't have that much earned yet! I'd like to use my vacation other days! Go Corporate America!

- Paul Shirley, our favorite Suns-player-turned-jobless-blogger, is now writing for ESPN. Perhaps we can enjoy a funny sportswriter who doesn't talk about the Red Sox all the time. That would sure be nice. Still, Bill Simmons is considering having a book signing stop in Seattle, and I might shake his hand and ask why he didn't consider me as an intern. I might not have used enough swears.

- Colin might have been more right than I had given him credit for yesterday when discussing Tampa Bay. They may be a one-loss team right now, but they are dependent on one Chris Simms. For those who may remember Texas football history, Chris Simms might be one of the greatest underachievers in the history of the game. You always knew that in the big one Simms would throw the game changing pick or fumble the ball away. That's why last season when the Hawks played Simms and the Bucs in Week 2 Colin and I were both optimistic. Like clockwork, Simms threw a pick to Michael Boulware on their final drive. That's why getting Tim Rattay was an excellent move. Chris Simms is not the answer.

- One of the downsides of an NFL that prides itself on mediocrity is the possibility of years like this, when the NFC North is full o'crap. The leader sits proudly and majestically at 2-3. This, my friends, is not impressive. ESPN goes through many of the reasons why these teams suck. Here are mine...

Minnesota can't block or find open receivers. Their defense still can't stop anyone.
Green Bay hasn't had a good draft in five years and it's starting to show.
Chicago is starting Kyle Orton because they couldn't get a decent backup.
Detroit is the magical land of the underachiever.

That wasn't so hard, was it? I could have these guy's jobs.

- Colin and I have spent the last couple of days trying to understand Pete Prisco's assertion that the Seahawks are the most overrated team in the NFL, essentially trying to find where the hype is coming from. Finally, some light has been shed, at the bottom of this blog, Seth Wickersham picks the Hawks to have home field in the NFC. This, my friends, must be where we are overrated, because it's not in ANY other articles, ANY power rankings, or even the quality of announcers given by the networks to broadcast games. Congratulations Pete, for your informed decision.

- Alright, this is exciting Sonics news. Johan Petro might be good enough to start. Considering how much Colin and I hated this pick (look, I don't like French people... deal with it) this is terrific information. I do like how our centers are coming together. Potapenko can pick and roll, Mikki Moore is a great substitute, Petro looks like a defender, and Swift has tons of potential. Not too shabby. By the way, congrats on the first win, which matters about as much in the NBA as it does in the NFL.

- Colin and I will get to our NBA preview approximately whenever we feel like it. Since it's our third favorite major sport, it will probably be something like Eastern/Western Preview, Sonics Preview, Postseason Picks. All the quality you've come to expect from the Crushed Optimists staff.

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