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Monday, October 17, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

I suppose the title could do just as well for the Hawks in last night's affair. Man, that was boring football. How does the NFL manage to set up those type of games for their primetime showcases? When will they learn to move it around during the season, like every other sport does?
On to the Explosion!!

- To all those claiming that Notre Dame got jobbed. You are morons. The rule is simple. Fumbles out of bounds stop the clock. The ball went out of bounds. The ref was wildly waving his arms to stop the clock. The timekeeper didn't stop the clock. You want to be mad at someone? Get mad at him/her. Classy move by Charlie Weis to congratulate USC, who sure as hell better win out to set up that showdown with Texas in the Rose Bowl. That will be insane.

- Buster Olney has the best writing I've yet seen on MLB's stupidity in terms to umpiring. Please read.

- Pray for Ken Hamlin. Hope he is okay.

- Consider me on the Shaun Alexander bandwagon. This quote from Dave Boling sums up my feelings...

Alexander has argued that he’s doing nothing different this season, that he’s just playing as he always had. Nonsense. He often was less decisive in the hole, less forceful in the clutches of opponents, and largely indifferent to the approach of blitzers.

That's exactly how I feel. Shaun Alexander has turned the corner this year. He is running with more authority than I've ever seen. The first tackler is rarely bringing him down. He is the second-best back in the league today behind LaDainian Tomlinson.

- I will care about the Sonics in a couple of weeks. Not now.

- The Huskies laid a huge egg in Autzen on Saturday. I am very disappointed that they haven't had a win yet. Still, the Pac-10 is really improved this year over last. Think about it. After USC, there's UCLA, California, Arizona St, Oregon, and Oregon St, all with legitimate top 25 credentials. Only UW, WSU, Stanford, and Arizona are truly bad teams. This should vault the Pac-10 back into the center of "best conferences in the US" picture, in my opinion just behind the SEC. Unfortunately, Huskies fans are going to have to be patient. It may be two-three years before we can get excited about the Dawgs again. Thank God for Romar.

- Fantastic NFL week, which I'll get into tomorrow. Just some great games.

- Congrats to the White Sox, who really deserve to be the AL reps to the World Series. To all of us detractors, I gave us this nugget... the White Sox have dramatically improved their power and defense during October. The story should really be... how bad were the Yankees and Red Sox to get demolished by the Angels and Sox? How mediocre was the AL in general? Will the World Series go six?

- Speaking of which, no way the Cardinals win three in a row against Petitte, Oswalt, and Clemens. No way. I wouldn't even pick them to win tonight. They needed to beat Brandon Backe. They failed. No fault but their own.

- Overall, and I'll probably elaborate on this more later, isn't playoff baseball dull? Seriously, these games have sucked overall. I can't watch them, and I consider myself a fairly large baseball fan (considering the nature of our blog here). Boring.

- Colts over the Rams by 10 tonight.

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