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Friday, October 07, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Be sure to check out the Scientific Method below for this week's NFL picks, which probably will start skewing back to the .500 mark (it's science...) thereby giving me useful fodder for laughter.

- Colin mentioned this earlier, but you all should be watching The Office. The episode this week was terrific.

- Colin and I started this blog in March basically as an excuse to write the conversations we have all the time anyways. It's been kinda cool to start seeing us linked in places (except USS Mariner, DAMN THEM!!) which means that people might actually read this crap. Of course, those same people never comment, which means that our arguments are either that good, that bad, or people just don't like commenting. Either way, we're cool. (Hint to USSM fans: the previous was what we in the biz like to call a joke)

- The fluff articles on Reggie Evans begin. Here's some fluff... thinking about Reggie Evans as a scoring threat, as he would like to call himself. Perhaps if the man could hit a freaking free throw or put back he could be considered someone to give more than 10 minutes a game to. But he sure is enthusiastic. Of course, I would be enthusiastic if I played NBA basketball. I would also be killed, but that's besides the point. It's almost like Reggie Evans is our personal Scott Podsednik. Yippee.

- Quick, name one of the three Sonics restricted free agents you want back next year. Waiting... waiting... maybe Radmanovic if he learns the meaning of the word "consistency". That's it. I'm a little disappointed they returned.

- Did you all know that the Rams own the Seahawks? Do you remember that one time where they came back on us at Qwest Field? I wonder if it left a psychological scar...

- The Spurs have too much talent. It's the same problem as the Heat. NBA teams have this wierd hubris that they think the more all-stars they have the better off they are. This is a fallacy. Egos are far too large when only five can play at once for that thinking to work and when you are on a team with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, more minutes will be hard to come by. Do these idiot GMs recognize the importance of Robert Horry? He is who you want as a sixth, seventh man. Not Michael Finley. Not Nick Van Exel. When are people going to figure this out? Two, maybe three superstars, and solid role players. That's the recipe for success in the NBA.

- Finally, a John Levesque article that, while still poorly written, brings up a point I've argued myself multiple times. The OT rule in the NFL is ridiculous. A team shouldn't have the luck of a coin flip give it such an absurd advantage as it does in sudden death. The Hawks last week came back from a large fourth quarter deficit to tie. They didn't even have a chance in OT. That's unfair. Personally, I like the way college football does it. I would take away fantasy points from OT production since it might go two-three, and maybe each team should start at the 35 instead of the 25 (since kickers are better in the NFL), but both teams should be given a shot. Those long overtimes in college are also really entertaining, by the way, create games thought about long after the fact. The NFL needs to wake up here. One rule they've definitely messed up on.

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