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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Yes, I can drag myself away from work for a quick second to Explode on your computer screen! Bam!

Yes, Colin is going nuts blogging the last couple of weeks. Look, he is a communications student and has a lot of free time on his hands. We have to acknowledge that.

Still, Crushed Optimists is apparently one of the only blogs to actually be updated on a regular basis. Wierd. We just have too much to say!

- I know I discussed this before, but Isaiah Thomas is a moron for this Eddy Curry trade. It makes little to no sense, as John Hollinger explains in the article here. Why spend that much money for Jerome James if you are going to give up draft picks for someone who needs 25-30 minutes a game? Are they going to play both at the same time? THAT would work out well.

- Mike Holmgren is a pansy. Art Thiel explains.

- A few Sonics thoughts... why the heck did we bring back Reggie Evans? He can't score and needs another big man around to clear space for rebounding. Danny Fortson, Nick Collison, and Vitaly Potapenko are all more valuable than Evans. Hopefully his minutes reflect that, although since Weiss is already talking about starting him I'm not optimistic. What in the world is he doing not just starting Collison? The man deserves it and is our best all around power forward.

The badmouthing of Nate McMillan has begun in earnest, with yesterday's article about his preaching and today's Danny Fortson/Potapenko stories. Look, McMillan wasn't an amazing coach, but we wanted him back and it's too bad he isn't here. Weiss isn't an upgrade. Still, when Fortson stays out of foul trouble he is a beast. Potapenko can be huge off the pick-and-roll. These are things to look forward to.

Finally, this up-tempo offense is a bad idea... we worked best as this hybrid team that limited opposing possessions, which hid the fact that we had some crappy defensive players. If we play up-tempo we are giving more possessions to teams like the Spurs. Not a good idea. The offense was fine last year. Don't tinker with it.

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At 1:56 PM, Blogger colin_hesse said...

Gavin, the point isn't that I'm a communications student.

The point is that I rock and you can't handle it.

The point..... is you suck.

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