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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

What the heck was Jake Peavy doing in the first game of the MLB playoffs? 8-5? What? The Padres are getting swept. Screw my five game prediction.

If Matt Clement gets shelled like he is right now (6-0 in the bottom of the third) than Boston isn't going to last four.

On to the Explosion...

- The Miami Heat have too much talent. I will say it now, I will repeat it later... this team will not win the NBA title. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. In what fairy world are all these ball-hogs going to live in harmony? Jason Williams, Antoine Walker, Gary Payton, Shaq, Dwayne Wade? Absolutely not.

- Isaiah Thomas continues his work at being named "Dumbest NBA Executive" in trading good players like Mike Sweetney for Eddy Curry. This gives him three question mark centers. I wonder what Jerome "Big Snax" James thinks about this recent addition to the club. Probably takes the ol' starting job away from a guy who never was that motivated to begin with. The Knicks are just a mess.

- The Suns did a fantastic job of locking up Amare Stoudamire now before the Lakers could start wooing him. He is the future, and a top-five NBA player. Congrats to them.

- Continuing on the NBA theme, the Sonics are about to start training camp. The first of many "Who is Bob Weiss" articles is linked to here. I don't really care who he is... just don't make decisions like start Vlad Radmanovic at power forward. Does he want us to play any defense at all? Nick Collison deserves that spot. Vlad comes off the bench. He is not a starter, and will never be worth what he thinks he is.

- I wasn't going to link M's articles today, but the PI did such a good job in my opinion that I had to... offseason thoughts, pitching thoughts, hitting thoughts... read it all.

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