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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Although this past weekend, as Colin referred to, should be called Ultimate Implosion!! It's pretty sad when you just know that a kick is going to miss, that a third down stop is going to be missed, that a loss is ensured. That's what it's like to be a Seattle sports fan. Yippee.

- The M's are finally off our radar for a while. Colin and I will eventually throw down our advice for this offseason, but not for a while. We can definitely promise that our analysis will be half-assed and thrown together based on what we feel is cool. For stats, go to USS Mariner.

- Do we have a culture of losing with the M's? Probably. We have a culture of youth that isn't aware of winning. I would call it a culture of mediocrity. John McGrath raises a very interesting question about Ichiro. Was Ichiro a valuable member of our team this year? I would be interested to see what we could get for him on the trade market...

- To continue our "furiously look for bright sides" rant, are the Huskies any better? I would say absolutely yes. Absolutely. The only reason we haven't scored more on offense are some stupid mistakes, but at least we move the ball and are more interesting to watch than paint peel. At least we have a real quarterback. At least I can stay involved with four quarters of a game. Wins will come. Believe in Ty.

- If we feel bad right now, I can't imagine how fans in Cleveland feel, since there's a place that has had it worse than us. The Indians did one heck of a choke job the past two weeks, ending with a brilliant 1-6 record. That is pathetic. There is no way that team should not have been in the playoffs, and probably means the exodus of Kevin Millwood (to the M's?). Keep the faith, Cleveland brethren...

- For some good news, Spencer Hawes has apparently chosen UW as his basketball home over North Carolina. How in the world have we suddenly become a powerhouse that recruits choose over North Carolina? When did this happen? Can we all buy Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, Tre Simmons, and Will Conroy a fruit basket? This will make an insane top-five recruiting class. Re-up Romar's contract NOW.

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