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Thursday, October 06, 2005

That's Ridiculous

Jason Giambi just received the Comeback Player of the Year award.

Who voted for that award?

The fans.

Screw it. Who cares about steroids, anyways? Who cares about cheating, and using drugs that cause teenagers to use them, causing, in some cases, suicide? Who cares about the illegality of such usage? Who cares that players like Giambi made a mockery of hallowed records and the home-run ball?

Obviously not Joe Six-pack. Joe likes 'em Yankee, and Joe likes 'em to hit plenty of home-runs and plenty of big, clutch hits.

These are the same people who cheered (CHEERED) for Palmeiro during his first game back at Camden Yards after he was suspended.

I don't understand you. I doubt I ever will. And I doubt I will ever understand why Giambi should win a comeback award when what he was "coming back" from are symptoms that many believe were due to his prolonged steroid usage.

Over 100,000 people just don't care. And that makes me depressed, and a little angry, because (WARNING: SOAPBOX ALERT) it speaks to a real lack of accountability in our culture. You see it in politics, in business, in the family, in the entertainment industry (sure, make jokes about using cocaine), and you see it in sports. We don't care that someone did something wrong, because it didn't affect us, and we still receive something positive from that person. Giambi didn't cause our children or siblings to use steroids, and we were able to see some spectacular hits and the Yankees make the postseason again (yeah!). It's not until we actually SEE how WE are HURT by the situation that we start assigning blame. Until then.... don't judge! Look at the plank in your own eye! Hypocrite! Forgive! Let go and let them be!

No. Sometimes right is right, and sometimes someone who did wrong should be punished and not rewarded simply for stopping the wrong action.

Give the award to Sexson, someone who actually had a tremendous injury and came back to have an outstanding season. Give the award to Aaron Boone, someone who had a horrendous start to the season but became a solid contributor by the end. Heck, give the award to John Olerud, who had a pretty good season this year after his pitiful end with the Mariners.

I don't care. But Giambi should not be rewarded. Sorry.

Gavin: One more reason to A: Hate the Yankees and B: Hate Morons.

This is an unreconcilable decision.

Who were these ignorant fools? Are they the same ones demonizing Palmeiro? Are they the same ones calling talk radio constantly?

Personally, I still think Giambi's on something. He deserves to have to confess, not accept a prestigious award. He receives no congratulations from me.

Shame on us.

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