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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Some Weekends Just Suck

The weekend from hell. Wow. The life of a Seattle sports fan.... the road to perdition.

Glad this weekend is finally over. That's not normal for me, but this was one weekend that just broke me as a sports fan. Let's break it down, shall we?

1. ASU, the school I am currently attending, is ahead of #1 USC at the end of the 3rd quarter. They then proceed to putz it away in the last 5 minutes because Sam Keller forgets that he is usually good and flings the ball in various directions and Reggie Bush reminds us all that he is THE MAN and is above us puny mortals.

2. UW, the school I usually cheer for, loses on a last minute touchdown by UCLA in a game that would have been a huge step forward for the program under Coach Ty. As it is..... OUR SECONDARY SUCKS!!! WOW!!!!

3. The Cleveland Indians, my adopted playoff hopeful, completely choke against the Devil Rays and then are swept by the White Sox.... AT HOME..... allowing both the Yankees and the Red Sox to, once again, make it to the postseason, assuring me of another month of hearing about how the entire universe revolves around the Yankees and BoSox. Hint: I will be cheering for anyone over either of those two clubs, even the hated Fighting Erstads and the Suck of the White Sox. That's how much I hate those guys. Shoot, I hate ALL the AL teams, and will be cheering for the NL team in the World Series regardless of who it is. Can you imagine four more unlikable teams then these four? Can you? Maybe I'll have to write on this later, but these guys all suck.

4. The Seattle Mariners play out the sad, sad string, finishing with a 69-93 record. Wow. Suckitude. Complete suckitude. Just for good measure, the M's blow ONE FINAL LEAD today, losing to the Oakland A's, who, with a payroll WAY LESS then ours, remind us to kiss their butts on the way out. I love Seattle sports!

5. The Seattle Seahawks find a completely NEW WAY TO LOSE, highlighted by normally reliable kicker Josh Brown's miss at the end of regulation and several 3rd and 20 plays that Mark Brunell easily picks up against our defense. A game that caused me to doubt the grace of God and wonder what in the world Seattle did to make God so ticked off. I'm guessing the Experience Music Project, which just looks like it would tick God off. I mean, He creates a beautiful Puget Sound, and Paul Allen futzes it all up with that absolute monstrosity. I might actually start claiming that the Seahawks are under the EMP curse.

6. My fantasy football team loses again (against Gavin, curse his black heart) because I have received like 4 points total from Tony Gonzalez in 4 weeks. If anyone wants to start a "Tony Gonzalez killed my fantasy team" club, I'm all aboard. I'll even make shirts. I'm also game for a "Willis McGahee should not have been picked over Peyton Manning" club, if anyone else was stupid enough to make that call with YOUR 1st pick.

Well, that was faintly satisfying. I guess. At least the Sonics weren't playing, or else I'm sure that Ray Allen would have gotten injured and we would have lost a heartbreaker to the Nuggets or something.

There is a reason our blog is named "Crushed Optimists". It's because there are weekends like this that you just need to learn to deal with as a Seattle sports fan.

And to all the Bostonites and Cubs fans that feel that you have a stranglehold on curses and that stuff..... shut up. You have championships coming out of your asses. You can't walk 5 feet without tripping over a Super Bowl trophy, or an NBA trophy....

Deep breath. Deeeeeeeeep breath.

What can I do? I'm hooked. I can't stop caring anymore then I can stop breathing.

Someday.... it'll be worth it. I might be 50, 70, or staring down from heaven, but I will cheer a Seattle championship team.

That'll be sweet.

But, wow, this weekend sucked.

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