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Monday, October 10, 2005

Seattle 37, *#@&-ing Rams 31

Once again a Seahawks game ended and I was left with the simple thought that it will be a miracle if I live past 50, what with the continuous stress and heartache that goes with watching these guys.

Sure, they give us one easy game a year (Niners last year, Cards this year), but everything else is so..... fricking..... hard!

However, it was fun as ever to watch Mike Martz coach, and to watch Holmgren try to out-Martz Martz.

Inexplicable call #1: Martz trying to randomly shift up the pass defense because the new formation would work against the pass. That new and improved formation let Stevens and Jurevicius waltz into the end zone with as open a pass as you will ever see.

Inexplicable call #2: Martz has Jeff Wilkins pooch punt a kick that would have been about a 50 yd field goal. Wilkins predictably punts it into the end zone.

Inexplicable call #3: Martz, once again, used timeouts like they were water, leaving his offense with only one as the Seahawks prepare to punt the ball away with 3 minutes left.

Inexplicable call #4: Steven Jackson only has 77 rushing yards on a day that it was obvious our front could not stop him.

Inexplicable call #5: 6 minutes left in the game. The Rams have a 4th and 1 at the Seahawks 31 yard line, down by 9 points. They need a TD and a field goal to take the lead. Wilkins can DEFINITELY hit a 47-48 yard field goal. Martz decides to go for it. They make it, but the drive ends with a Wilkins field goal at the 4 minute mark. Martz has wasted two minutes for absolutely no reason.

Inexplicable call #6: Three minutes left in the game. Holmgren has just inexplicably called THREE pass plays against a Rams defense that is terrible against the run. I lean over to the other Seahawks fan that is at the bar and say, "This is going according to the Seahawks script. Watch. The next time the Seahawks get the ball, we will be down by 1 with about 40 seconds left."

Babineaux strips. Darche recovers. Seahawks have won.

A weird game. Always is whenever these two teams get together. On to the stats!

Hasselbeck - 27/38, 316 yds, 2 TDs, 0 INTs
Best game of the year for our franchise quarterback. He played without his top two receivers, in a place where he had struggled, with the knowledge that he had to put up a lot of points because there was no way that our defense would be able to stop the Rams consistently. And he did it! He found a way to get everyone involved, consistently made the correct call, audibled correctly, and generally was awesome. He even stayed in bounds on that last scramble so that the clock would run on at least ONE of the plays on that drive.
Grade: A

Running Back:
Alexander - 25 attempts, 119 yds, 2 TDs, 3 rec, 16 yds
I give up. I have never seen Alexander play as consistently well as he has this season. Holmgren is giving him the ball over 20 times, and Shaun is answering with over 100 yds and a couple of TDs. It's like clockwork. He is getting the big yards, he is running with authority, and I have not a harsh word to say about him. Of course, it's just a coincidence, but this is a contract year for the big fella. Coincidence. Contract year. Adrian Beltre. Contract year. Coincidence.
Grade: A

Wide Receivers:
Jurevicius - 9 rec, 137 yds, 1 TD; Stevens - 3 rec, 65 yds, 1 TD; Hackett - 5 rec, 43 yds
The most surprising and awesome part of this game. A few thoughts ran through my head while this was occuring. First, we would have won that playoff game in Green Bay if Hasselbeck had been throwing to Jurevicius instead of Alex Bannister, who sucks. Second, tell me again why DJack deserves HUGE boatloads of money? Are you telling me that, in a few years, Hackett couldn't be almost as good as DJack? They both run good routes, they both have excellent hands.... I'm just saying. Seriously, these guys were incredible. Ruskell did an amazing job over the offseason in solidifying this group, which is way better then Koren Robinson ever was. Stevens is still not worth a 1st round pick, but he is playing like an actual starter in this league, which is a huge improvement.
Grade: A+

Offensive Line:
They gave up 4 sacks, which isn't too great, but Matt had time to deliver the ball downfield and Shaun went off for most of the game, so I don't have too much to bark at them over. That late 1st half sack of Hasselbeck was atrocious, though. Shouldn't have happened, but I think it was more Matt's fault for not checking off aginst an overwhelming blitz then it was the line's fault. Here's hoping good ol' Pork Chop is ok, because only he has the power to stop the force that is Chris Gray at being a big part of our offense.
Grade: B

Defensive Line:
They finally brought pressure on Bulger in the 2nd half, and, magically, the Rams did not score 21 points in the 2nd half. Who is Terrill? Anyone? I ask because I pride myself on knowing the Hawks' players and here was this white defensive lineman who was continually charging into the Rams backfield and weaking havoc, and I was sitting with a furrowed brow trying to remember who this guy was. The run defense was poor, but I will give part of that blame to the overall defensive schemes that were trying to limit the HUGE plays while not paying as much attention to the running and dump-off games. Of course, the Rams still HAD a boatload of big plays, but, hey, we got a win, right? Kudos to Rocky Bernard for yet another sack, while Grant Wistrom, he of the big hair and the even bigger contract, still has yet to register a sack in the 2005 season. You know. The one that is more then a quarter over. No sacks. Zero. Grant Wistrom. You might want to upgrade that motor, Grant, or go in for an oil change, because you aren't being productive at all right now.
Grade: C+

The good: Tatupu's first INT, Hill running down Bulger
The bad: Tatupu getting steamrolled by Steven Jackson at least three times that I saw, including Jackson's TD run
The lesson: Tatupu is great against the pass, but not big enough to be that awesome against big, physical backs.
I still like him, though, and so does ESPN, which has a scout saying nice things about him today. I like our corps, except for DD Lewis. Our defense magically improved when Lewis came out with an ankle injury and Leroy Hill took his place. Man, that guy can fly to the football!
Grade: B

For most of the day I was ashamed to be wearing a Marcus Trufant jersey, because he was just getting schooled. Kelly Herndon was getting schooled-er, and Dyson had a hamstring pull and Boulware was losing feeling in his arms and legs. Not the brightest day ever for this unit. Trufant, however, seemed to improve as the game went along, jumping the one crossing route as Bulger threw it off his back. Herndon stopped giving up the big plays, and we learned that Boulware's X-Rays were negative. Thus, what could have been a F day became simply a ...
Grade: C-

Special Teams:
Well, Brown decided that he could make field goals this week, even that 28 yarder that glanced off the posts into the net. Meanwhile, Tom Rouen must have had a bet with the Rams punter of who could suck the worst, because they were constantly battling for that honor throughout the game. Rouen's wife, Amy Van Dyken, is on a radio show here in Phoenix, and I am actually wondering about calling her up and asking her what she thought of her husband's performance on Sunday, and whether he will be looking for a job by Wednesday. I like the guy, but, wow, our punting game really needs to improve, stat. By the way, allowing a TD on the opening kickoff is NOT COOL, but recovering that late fumble saved these guys from an F grade.
Grade: D--

Holmgren got to make his inexpicable call in the 4th quarter. Our offense played REALLY well. Our defense played, um, ok. We got bailed out late, which never happens to us. We go into next week with some confidence, but we can't get too overconfident, because we need this win against Texas on prime-time ESPN to go to 4-2. A loss there would be horrendous to our confidence and our chances at any kind of home-field in the playoffs.

Oh yeah.

I hate the Rams.

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At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To start off I hate the rams too. I am suprised that no one mentioned about Mac Strong, he played great, I also really like this back up fullback Weever


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