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Monday, October 17, 2005

Seahawks 42, Texans 10

As a diehard Seahawks fan, I first wish to apologize to ESPN and America for that travesty of a game. Seriously. That was some boring football.

Dom Capers, you seem like a really nice guy. Thanks. Have fun in your new life as a coordinator, because you are on the hook as of yesterday. Here's what I saw.

David Carr is not the problem. Domanick Davis is not the problem. Everyone else..... is the problem. The offensive line sucks. The defensive line sucks. The secondary sucks. The wide-receiver corps sucks, especially without Johnson. This is a flat-out horrible team, and there is no way that Capers gets more then 3-4 wins out of them this season. There was an immense talent gap on the field Sunday night, and that should not happen in the parity-driven NFL.

So Dom Capers will get fired, but Texans GM Charlie Casserly should be fired as well, because it is not Capers' fault that he has no weapons to work with. Basically, I felt sorry for Houston throughout that ballgame, because you have some young talent at the skills positions and nothing else surrounding them, plus you have incompetent management throwing away draft picks on Phillip Buchanon, who played an absolutely TERRIBLE game tonight, especially against the run.

Seattle fans: We can not draw an over-amount of conclusions from this ballgame. This was not a true measure of our capabilities, no matter what Paul Maguire says (and yes, I will get to them later). I appreciate the fact that we played like the more talented team, and put our foot down repeatedly in the second half, refusing to give the Texans a chance. That is what good football teams do. But, honestly, we were playing the JV squad out there. Our numbers will look fantastic, and that's awesome, but let's hold up on the accolades. Next week is against Dallas, and THAT is a game where our true colors could come out, either way.

ESPN: Fire, for the love of all that is good and holy, Joe Theismann and Paul Maguire. Do NOT let Theismann into the Monday Night Football booth. I hadn't really watched a Sunday Night game until today, and I had forgotten just how amazingly awful these guys are. According to them, Matt Hasselbeck is one of the top-five quarterbacks in the game (right before he threw that horrible pick), our offensive line is perhaps the best EVER, and the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC, if not the NFL. Oh, and they all have man-crushes on Shaun. Listen, I like our team, and thought they would win 11 games before the season started. But.... whoa..... slow down there. Several times I thought I heard a glimpse of desperation in Mike Patrick's voice as he tried to bring about some consistency and dignity to the booth, but to no avail.

Is there a petition one could sign? Couldn't we vote on this? Isn't this America, the land of democracy? Come on, they were fricking voting on a new constitution in Iraq, we can't vote out the guys in the ESPN booth? Who do I blame for this? Jerry Falwell? Kanye West? Harriet Miers?

I guess we might as well go through the positional breakdown, though the one sentence answer is that our team rocked, while the Texans did not rock.

Hasselbeck - 14/20, 168 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT
So.... who would have guessed before the game that David Carr would pass for more yards then Hasselbeck? Anyone? It's just that when you're continually gashing the opposing defense for like 15 yards a pop, you don't really need to throw the football. At all. Matt did fine, though he finally threw one of those patented Hasselbeck picks that I was just waiting the last couple of weeks for, hoping that it wouldn't come at a too inopportune time. Fortunately, it didn't. Besides that miscue, an almost flawless West Coast offense game. He is really looking poised and confident in the offense this year. Oh yeah. That one sack where he fell back about fifteen yards? Not so good. Thankfully Shaun bailed him out with another huge touchdown run.
Grade: A-

Running Back:
Alexander - 22 att, 141 yds, 4 TDs; Morris - 8 att, 104 yds, 1 TD; Weaver - 5 att, 21 yds, 1 amazing stiff-arm
This was the greatest Seahawks running game since.... the Sunday Night game against the Raiders where Shaun racked up over 200 yards. Alexander was breaking tackles left and right, Morris had that huge long run, and Weaver had an amazing stiff-arm that just made me laugh. We had no fewer then 10 carries for over 14 yards. That's amazing. That's the definition of gash. There's a reason we went for it on 4th down several times. We knew the Texans couldn't stop us. Just some unbelievable stuff. Alexander's touchdown runs were, again, very impressive. I am just one or two weeks away from really calling on Tim Ruskell to get a deal done, because Shaun Alexander, right now, is the second best player in the NFL behind Tomlinson. I'm serious, I'm not just pulling a Maguire here. The man has, in SIX games, 715 yards rushing with 12 touchdowns. That's just sick.
Grade: A++

Wide Receivers:
Warrick - 3 rec, 53 yds; Urban - 2 rec, 37 yds; Jurevicius - 3 rec, 29 yds, 1 TD; Stevens - 2 rec, 28 yds; Strong - 3 rec, 20 yds
That's throwing the football around. No one receiver had more then 3 catches, and yet Hasselbeck was always finding someone open, someone ready to make the big play. I like this group SO MUCH BETTER then last year. Koren Robinson is a distant, alcohol-induced memory. The only drop I saw was from Shaun, Warrick had a few great plays, reminding me why it was such a killer move to pick him up, and Jurevicius.... I love that guy. Plus, throwing that deep ball to Urban right off the bat freed up Shaun and spooked the Texans' secondary for the rest of the game. They knew we could go short OR long. Of course, it turned out we really didn't need any big numbers from these guys, because our running backs were going nuts.
Grade: A

Offensive Line:
The minus was the three sacks allowed. However, I will gladly forgive those in the face of the absolute dominance of the Texans' defense. These five guys manhandled Houston on BOTH SIDES, left or right. We had 32o yards running the football. We gained an AVERAGE of 7.6 yards a carry. That's insane. Jones is already in the Pro Bowl. So is Hutch. Tobeck is creeping closer. Gray has no chance. However, Sean Locklear.... I like this guy. We are having success running behind him, and he has yet to be really abused by any opposing defensive end. If this group continues this performance, we are a playoff team.
Grade: A++

Defensive Line:
Allowed 67 net yards rushing, 3 sacks
It helped the line that we were stacking 8-10 players in the box, but they did get the job done, so I have to credit them for that. Congrats to Rocky Bernard on his career-best-tying sack, as well as Grant Wistrom on his FIRST sack. It took the worst offensive line in football, lining up against a tight end, but Wistrom's energy carried him to the quarterback. A nice shout-out to Bryce Fisher for, according to the refs, lining up in the neutral zone for about 17 consecutive plays. I lost track, I was too bored to notice. Maguire fortunately reminded me about, oh, 39 times that he had seen Fisher do the same thing at practice, so he wasn't surprised at all the flags. The neutral zone calls seem to be very similar to the strike zone in MLB, or an offensive foul in the NBA. Pretty much depends on the refs. It also seems (rant alert) that we can pretty much expect a flag to be thrown on EVERY kick and punt return in EVERY NFL game this season. Sweet Mercy! It's gotten to the point that I seriously don't care if a foul has occured, just let the play happen! People are charging around at 70 mph, someone is probably doing something illegal. Just stop it.
Grade: A

First off, I hope that Kailee Wong is alright, because I really like that guy, and it was a classy move by Sharper to go over to him before he was driven off the field. There really isn't too much to say for our linebackers. I didn't see too many missed tackles, Tatupu and Sharper especially seemed to have excellent days..... one thing I will say. This seems to be a much more disciplined group this year. They hit the holes well, they make the tackles, and they don't give up the big play. I like that. I also like seeing, on the fake punt of the Texans, a Seahawk blowing a chance at tackling the runner before the first down marker. That Seahawk? Perennial Crushed Optimists favorite Isaiah "I went to Harvard" Kacyvenski!!
Grade: A

Seriously, not much to say. They didn't allow the big play, let Carr move the ball a little and only screwed up on the touchdown run and catch by Davis. Sure, it wasn't too hard against the Texans corps, but they still did it, and that counts for something, right! Special congrats to Michael Boulware on his three tackles, which must have meant something extra to Boulware after that crushing hit last week. I was seriously amazed to hear that he would play, and he seemed to play well. I wish him well in the coming weeks. On the flip side, and off the subject, why is Tedy Bruschi planning to come back? You had a stroke. Rest, man. Where is this guy's family in this? Are you telling me that they are fully behind this?
Grade: A-

Special Teams:

There's one way to have a good special teams day. Not need our special teams. Mission accomplished.
Grade: ??

It's hard to call a game against an 0-4 club a must-win, but this was for the Seahawks. A game at home, on prime-time, coming off a huge win over our division rival..... a loss tonight would have been a huge blow to any chance at going deep in the postseason. Our confidence would have been forever shattered. Congrats to Mike Holmgren for firing up the troops for this game, and, when we were up, keeping the foot to the throttle and not allowing Houston back in the game. This was a game where we played to our potential against a bad team, and Seattle teams have been known to futz these games away. Once again, I really like where this team is headed. That offense is just playing incredibly right now, while the defense, while not awesome, is still better then last year. The game most like this one last year was the 1-8 Dolphins. We only won that game because Boulware had that late INT. This year is different.

Last year we lost many games we shouldn't have, and the second worst loss was to the Dallas Cowboys. At home. On Monday Night Football. Our possibility for revenge comes next Sunday, again at home. Dallas hasn't played well on the road, lucking out over San Diego and lucking out over San Francisco. Drew Bledsoe will misfire if we get pressure on him, but that Dallas defense looked very impressive today against the Giants. A key game, and one that will be much less boring then this one.

Go Hawks! And, once again, sorry, Houston fans. I've been there, with horrible teams. It doesn't feel good.

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