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Friday, October 28, 2005

Scientific Method, Week 8

Well, the Seahawks might not be playing football this week, but that doesn't mean the Scientific Method is taking the week off.

Fresh off of another mediocre week (though that was still better then the Prisco), Science is ready to take another foray into the wacky and wild world of the NFL.

So far it seems as if a few teams are becoming especially hard for science to figure out.

Buffalo - They can't stop the run, and the offense has yet to take off like last year, especially Willis McGahee, who has been continually stopped on short yardage and goal-line plays. Instead of taking a step forward this year, injuries and subpar quarterback and defensive line play have caused this team to take a step or two back.

Minnesota - I refuse to come up with a plausible explanation for that comeback against Green Bay last week. Now comes the argument of how they have, finally, figured it out? Absolutely not.

Green Bay - Has there been a better 1-5 team in my lifetime? Answer: No.

San Diego - Has there been a better 3-4 team in my lifetime? Answer: No. They have the single most impressive win in the NFL this year in the pasting of New England AT New England. They, basically, are the Seattle Seahawks this year, finding new and exciting ways to lose in the 4th quarter of games, whether it's on defense (Pittsburgh), offense (Denver and Dallas), and special teams (Philadelphia).

By the way, science was definitely wrong about the Houston Astros. Hats off to the Chicago White Sox on an incredible postseason run. They disproved my claims of suckage and pitched AND hit extremely well. It'll be interesting now to see whether this is the beginning of something big or another Florida Marlins story.

Scientific Record: 55-47

Chicago at Detroit

Hypothesis: Beware the second game of a backup quarterback
The Lions scored one touchdown against the Cleveland Browns and Jeff Garcia was revered by the media. Reminded me of Vinny T. getting a win against the Bucs for the Jets. Vinny has sucked ever since. Garcia will be going up against a very, very good Chicago defense that will be gunning for me the entire game.
Scientific Pick: Chicago

Arizona at Dallas

Hypothesis: No running game equals no offense against a great defense
Every week Dennis Green talks a good game about how he is going to get the running game going and make it a focus of the offense. And then, every week, the running game goes absolutely nowhere and Josh McCown is forced to throw the ball 40 times while passrushers are going ape because they don't have to even think about the run. That Dallas defense looked very good against the Seahawks last week, and should more then frustrate McCown. Meanwhile, don't expect much in the way of scoring from Dallas, but Arizona's secondary is pretty banged up and should give up a long pass or two to Terry Glenn.
Scientific Pick: Dallas

Green Bay at Cincinnati
Hypothesis: There will be at least one upset every week
Everyone and their mother is counting out Brett Favre after that loss to Minnesota. Here's the thing about that loss. Mike Sherman pulled a Holmgren in calling a running play on 3rd and 2 as Favre had efficiently led the team down the field. If Favre had been handed the ball instead, I could easily have seen a winning touchdown as the end result of that drive. Without Green, Walker, or Ferguson. Meanwhile, Cincy got rocked, and they might have one let-down week after a game they had been preparing for over ten years. An upset, but definitely not out of the land of possibility.
Scientific Pick: Green Bay

Minnesota at Carolina
Hypothesis: Never pick Minnesota... in a big game.... on the road?
I have no idea how Minnesota won that game last Sunday. What I do know is that they have played horribly on the road, and Carolina is a pretty good team with a very good defense. The return of Burleson seems to have calmed Culpepper down, but Steve Smith has just run over the NFL so far this season, having the most impressiv season for a wide receiver ouside of Santana Moss.
Scientific Pick: Carolina

Oakland at Tennessee

Hypothesis: Pick the team with the stronger running game
Finally, finally, the Raiders have figured out that, in order to win, they must give the ball to Lamont Jordan. That was a very impressive win over the Bills last Sunday. Kerry Collins just didn't seem to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the time of possession generated helped the defense as well. Meanwhile, Tennessee is sinking back to earth a little after a semi-impressive start. They are very, very young. A winnable game for the Titans and Steve McNair, but I think that Jordan will be too much.
Scientific Pick: Oakland

Jacksonville at St. Louis
Hypothesis: Defense beats no defense
I can't see St. Louis giving the ball to Steven Jackson 20 times again, though that would be the correct move, as the Jacksonville defense has not been as stout against the run as predicted. However, St. Louis just has no defense, and so as much as St. Louis might be able to move the ball a little against the Jaguars, the Jags will be able to respond early and often, especially running Fred Taylor down the throat of the Rams. This game shouldn't be close, but the Rams do play extremely well at home.
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville

Washington at NY Giants

Hypothesis: When both offenses are playing well, pick the better defense
I am liking both of these teams more and more, though the adulation of Eli Manning is a little too much for me. I think the one dominant unit on the field in this game is the defense of the Washington Redskins, especially if Arrington has gotten off the bad side of Joe Gibbs. Points will be at a premium in this game, and the Giants defense has not shown they can prevail in those type of games. I like the ball control offense of the Redskins (never thought I would write THAT this season) and so like the Redskins to prevail.
Scientific Pick: Washington

Cleveland at Houston

Hypothesis: Never pick Houston this season
How in the world is Houston favored to win this game? They threw the ball, what, nine times last week? That's pathetic. Of course, Cleveland is pathetic as well. Hmmmmm. No, I can't. I can't do it. Don't watch this game, people. Please. For your sake.
Scientific Pick: Cleveland

Kansas City at San Diego

Hypothesis: Inconsistent teams flip-flop wins and losses
This means it is time for San Diego to win a close game over the Chiefs. Neither defense will be able to stop the opposing offense, as I expect LT and Priest to both have HUGE games and, hopefully, so will Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates for Gavin and my respective fantasy teams. The Chargers might try to lose this game, but they should be just good enough for to overcome the Chiefs at home.
Scientific Pick: San Diego

Miami at New Orleans
Hypothesis: At some point horrible calls have to stop for the Saints
No team in the history of the NFL has been screwed more then the Saints this year. You had Hurricane Katrina, a "home" game in New York, horrible calls in Atlanta, and that atrocious call in St. Louis where the ball was taken from a person FLAT ON THEIR BACK and returned for a touchdown. That's ridiculous. I feel so sorry for this team that I will actually pick them to win a game in their return to the state of Louisiana.
Scientific Pick: New Orleans

Tampa Bay at San Francisco
Hypothesis: Never pick San Francisco this season
Ken Dorsey against the Bucs defense. Wow.
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay

Philadelphia at Denver

Hypothesis: With the match of evens, go with the home field
The Denver defense is extremely fast, and will again hamper the Eagles' "running" game, and should be good enough to contain T.O. That leaves the game up to Jake Plummer, who will throw up a few horrible picks but should be good enough to lead the Broncos for a win. The Broncos, by the way, are just great in Denver. This game might not even be close.
Scientific Pick: Denver

Buffalo at New England

Hypothesis: Momentum and comebacks matter in the NFL
The return of Tedy Bruschi might not matter as much in the long haul, but it will matter a great deal for a prime time matchup, at home, against the strongest division rival for the Patriots. The Pats will be overhyped for this game, and might destroy the Bills by 30.
Scientific Pick: New England

Monday:Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Hypothesis: Just make the correct pick
Does Baltimore have a chance in this game? Yes. 1%. I don't like those odds.
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh

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