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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Scientific Method, Week 7

Week 7 comes a few days early thanks to yet another bleeding hurricane, which, as we all know from watching South Park on Wednesday, was caused by you..... and global warming.

By the way, has there ever been as consistently funny a duo as Trey Parker and Matt Stone? What have they done that was not exceedingly entertaining? I guess you could say "BASE-ketball", but I actually enjoyed that for some reason. Their humor really seems to strike a chord with me, and they are about the only people that I enjoy listening to the commentaries over the show on the DVDs.

I am still getting over a sinus infection. And yes, for those of you who were wondering, you can get colds in Arizona. In 100 degree temperature. And no, I have no idea how that works. Blame it on global warming.

The Scientific Method had an..... ok week. Science gave Baltimore one last chance, and they succeeded. Science gave Minnesota one last chance, and they became one of the worst NFL stories in my lifetime. Science is also, by the way, picking Houston over the White Sox, based on a few key reasons:

1. There is no way that the White Sox play as well as they did the last couple of weeks. There is no possible way they can play that well.

2. Roy Oswalt is the best pitcher on either side.

3. I can not trust Jose Contreras in the World Series. Same goes for Freddy Garcia, who will be pitching at Minute Maid Park. He's a fly-ball pitcher..... at Minute Maid Park.

4. Lance Berkman and Craig Biggio, with Jeff Bagwell getting to play thanks to the DH.

5. The Houston Astros just obliterated the Cardinals, who were the best team in the majors this year, with the best offense outside of Boston and NY.

That all said, it should be close, and should be a good series. I'm actually looking forward to it more then I was the Boston/St. Louis matchup last year.

One final thing. Gavin and I have scoffed at CBSSportsline's Pete Prisco several times this past week, especially his claim that the Hawks are the most overrated team in the NFL. Well, it's time for Pete to match wits with the hard knocks of Science. So.... you will see Prisco's picks for every game matched up against mine. This might lead to some of the hypotheses looking a tad similar. Let's see which expert is the expertest, eh?

Science Last Week: 8-6
Science Record So Far: 48-40 (1/2 game lead over Bill Simmons)

Kansas City at Miami
Hypothesis: Pick against Pete Prisco
Kansas City's offense has not looked impressive, and they are killing my fantasy team with the vanishing act of Tony Gonzalez. Miami has looked great at home and terrible on the road. However, Miami's defense is missing their top two guns in Jason Taylor and Junior Seau. Taylor's loss is especially huge because of the different roles he plays in the new schemes. I expect a big game from the Priest, and for this to be a high-scoring game.
Pete's Pick: Miami
Scientific Pick: Kansas City

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Hypothesis: Always go with the team that has the most to prove (and pick against Pete Prisco).
A loss by Pittsburgh here would give Cincinnati a commanding lead in the AFC North. Pittsburgh, by the way, almost beat Jacksonville with no running game and the worst performance by a quarterback in the NFL since..... Tommy Maddox last picked up a football. I mean, Pittsburgh can't play any worse, while Cincinnati has played teams with a combined record of 5-17. The real QB will be back, and that running game should be dominant once again.
Pete's Pick: Cincinnati
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh

Detroit at Cleveland
Hypothesis: In a matchup of even teams, go with the better quarterback
It doesn't matter if Detroit plays Harrington or Garcia, Trent Dilfer is better then both of them. Does anyone remember how terrible Garcia looked last year? I honestly felt sorry for him. Detroit is still an absolute mess, having the worst team chemistry outside of Minnesota. It's sad. This is a year that Detroit was given this division, and they still can't get it done. If you can't win when your defense scores 14 points and the opposing team scores 21, you suck.
Pete's Pick: Cleveland
Scientific Pick: Cleveland

New Orleans at St. Louis
Hypothesis: An injured quarterback matters more then an injured running back
That loss of Bulger just kills the Rams. They had the Colts on the ropes, and couldn't do a thing after Jamie Martin entered the game. Antowain Smith is a decent back, and with Aaron Stecker there to catch the ball out of the backfield, the Saints can patch something together without Deuce. Here's the single way that St. Louis wins. Give the ball to Stephen Jackson 30 times, while somehow actually playing defense. I mean, my word, that defense is absolutely terrible. Which, by the way, Gavin and I called. BAM!
Pete's Pick: New Orleans
Scientific Pick: New Orleans

Green Bay at Minnesota
Hypothesis: Never pick Minnesota to win a big game this season
Brett Favre is entering one of those hot stretches again, while Minnesota.... wow. Couldn't have possibly seen that one coming. Culpepper just looks terrible, the defense hasn't improved as hoped, and Mike Tice is still the head coach for some inexplicable reason. Meanwhile, the Packers are coming off a few games they lost at the bitter end and a dominating performance over the Saints. Ahman Green should be back and ready to run, and Driver and Ferguson have been stepping up with the injury to Walker. A win here could, scoff, vault Green Bay into the favorite to win the NFC North. Which is sad.
Pete's Pick: Green Bay
Scientific Pick: Green Bay

San Diego at Philadelphia
Hypothesis: Pick the team with the great running game against the team that can't stop the run.
San Diego is the best 3-3 team this decade, with LT running (and throwing) over the Oakland Raiders last week. Philly looked terrible against the Cowboys. They couldn't stop the run, couldn't stop the pass, and, even more importantly, couldn't run the football at all. McNabb can't be as mobile as he wants to be because of his injury, meaning that the Chargers can sit back more and cover the below-average wide-receiver corps outside of T.O.
Pete's Pick: Philadelphia
Scientific Pick: San Diego

San Francisco at Washington
Hypothesis: Never pick San Francisco to win again
Gavin would never forgive me if I did, and Washington actually impressed me more in their two losses then they did in their three wins. They look to have a semi-decent offense and a great defense, which is more then enough to win at least 9-1o games in the NFL. I am not picking Alex Smith to win against that defense, especially not after he looked against Indy.
Pete's Pick: Washington
Scientific Pick: Washington

Indianapolis at Houston
Hypothesis: Never pick Houston to ever win
This team looked just pathetic Sunday night. I mean, I know Seattle played well, but Houston just has nothing. Carr has no time to throw, Davis is looking at 10 defenders in the box, and that defense is terrible. Meanwhile, Indy is.... good.
Pete's Pick: Houston (I'm not joking)
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis

Dallas at Seattle
Hypothesis: Don't believe the overhype
OF THE COWBOYS!! I watched that travesty of a game against the Giants last week. Both teams should have been given a loss at the end of that one. Meanwhile, I am impressed with Shaun Alexander, and will give us the win passed entirely on his performance against a Cowboys defense that allowed Tim Rattay to rack up the points against them. More on this from Gavin later.
Pete's Pick: Dallas
Scientific Pick: Seattle

Baltimore at Chicago
Hypothesis: Never pick a rookie quarterback against a very mad Ray Lewis
Baltimore's defense played mad last week, and just stuffed Cleveland in a little box all day. Can Kyle Orton do better? What about a semi-injured Thomas Jones? Meanwhile, could Chester Taylor be the answer for the Baltimore offense? Baltimore won last week, so they are not yet on my no-pick list. A loss here might be enough to put them there.
Pete's Pick: Baltimore
Scientific Pick: Baltimore

Buffalo at Oakland
Scientific Pick: Sometimes you just don't think and go with the better team
Come on. On one side you have a better defense, Willis McGahee, and a revitilized passing game led by Holcombe and Eric Moulds. On the other side you have an injured Randy Moss, a horrible defense, and Kerry Collins at quarterback. Just make the pick.
Pete's Pick: Oakland
Scientific Pick: Buffalo

Denver at NY Giants
Hypothesis: There will be one upset a week
It pains me to make this pick, but there has to be one upset, you know? Sooner or later Plummer has to have a game like he had in Week 1, and a game on the road against a Tom Coughlin-led team might be the right recipe. You have to know that Coughlin has been ultra-mad this week, which should lead to a team cutting down on mistakes and running after the football. It also makes me feel better to make this pick in that Prisco is picking the Broncos.
Pete's Pick: Denver
Scientific Pick: NY Giants

Tennessee at Arizona
Hypothesis: Who knows? Who's playing quarterback?
It's hard to make a pick in some of these games when the coach keeps his game plan secret. Here's the thing. If Josh McCown starts, I think the Cardinals win. If Kurt Warner starts, I think the Cardinals lose. My guess is that Warner starts and the Titans pass rush gets to him several times, highlighting the lack of a running game that continues to plague the Cardinals. The Titans have played remarkably well this season, much better then I thought they would.
Pete's Pick: Arizona
Scientific Pick: Tennessee

NY Jets at Atlanta
Hypothesis: Don't go with the 44 year old quarterback against the best pass rushing team in the NFL
Case closed. Impossible for the Jets to pull out a win here. One of those games that the ABC execs must be pulling their hair for the missed opportunity to put another game on instead, like the Cincy/Pittsburgh game.
Pete's Pick: Atlanta
Scientific Pick: Atlanta

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