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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Scientific Method, Week 6

Well, what with all the steroid outage and oral sex outage that went on in the NFL this week, football seems like a nice distraction.

For a Seahawks fan in Phoenix, the fact that Seattle is playing Sunday night doubly helps, since the Phoenix FOX station seems to have a contract never to play Seahawks games, even when the Cardinals are not playing. They usually prefer to show NOTHING rather then the Seahawks games. That included last week, where the Cardinals' top two division rivals were playing each other in a huge game for the NFC West.

I also have a cold, and so football will be a distraction from that. I wonder how one gets a cold in 100 degree temperature, but my body found a way.

Let's see...... what more can I ramble on......

The Seahawks are still getting zero respect from the pundits. Probably because everyone knows that Holmgren tried as much as possible to futz up the game on Sunday with the three straight passes, and it was only a luck fumble that iced the game for us. However, we might be getting zero respect, but they are now also picking us to win the NFC West. It took them until Week 6 to throw the Cardinals and the Rams under the bus. We were supposed to go 6-10, remember?

Science had an unsurprisingly mediocre 7-7 week, which means that science is about ready to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

Record So Far: 40-34


Minnesota at Chicago

Hypothesis: Teams under crisis pull out one big win before collapsing
The Vikings are rested AND sated going into this big division game, while the Bears are reeling with the injury to Thomas Jones and the regression of Kyle Orton. That defense is still playing well, but Culpepper is due to have another good game. Minnesota has been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL, and you know that they have been looking to this game ever since getting whupped by Atlanta. This game shouldn't be close, but it probably will be.
Scientific Pick: Minnesota

New York Giants at Dallas
Hypothesis: Inconsistent quarterbacks mean inconsistent team play
How many "Drew Bledsoe rebirth" articles can be written in a single week? Yes, he played VERY well against Philly last week, but, again, this is Bledsoe. Terry Glenn is playing well, and the NY Giants defense isn't quite up to par, but I just can't see Bledsoe playing out of his mind again. Meanwhile, I am warming up to the Eli Manning/Tiki Barber/Plax Burress combo, which seems to be a potent offensive force. I'm not a huge fan yet, don't get me wrong. But they have looked plenty impressive thus far.
Scientific Pick: NY Giants

Carolina at Detroit
Hypothesis: Never trust Joey Harrington with anything, much less pick an upset with him
Everyone at Detroit hates each other, that offense can't move the chains, and Harrington is a lame-duck quarterback. Meanwhile, Carolina is winning games with lackluster performances by Delhomme, Davis, and a single sack by Peppers. One of those two things has to give. Hint: it's not anything in Detroit. I feel bad for Mariucci, because Matt Millen has given him a horrible chance to win there. Actually, this might be for the best for Mariucci. He can get fired and go get a good job, maybe in Houston, where the team President seems to have a semblence of a brain.
Scientific Pick: Carolina

Cincinnati at Tennessee
Hypothesis: There will always be one upset a week
No team has had the wild swings of Tennessee, getting whupped a few times and being the whupper a few times. I'm counting on a surprisingly healthy Steve McNair turning in a good performance with the weapons of Drew Bennett and Ben Troupe (who helped me win in fantasy football last week, bless his heart). If there is a weak spot on the Cincy team, it is their passing defense. Meanwhile, Tennessee has a nice pass rush that should put some pressure on Carson Palmer, and Pac-Man might be able to slow down the Chad-ster.
Scientific Pick: Tennessee

Washington at Kansas City
Hypothesis: Great offenses beat great defenses at home
Look at it this way. If Seattle had played Washington at home, we would have won. If Kansas City played Washington at Washington, I would be inclined to pick Washington. However, Arrowhead Stadium is a tough, tough place to play, and the Redskins' offense, while moving the football, still can't seem to get the score into the 20's. The Chiefs will score at least 20 points, especially with the return of Willie Roaf freeing up Tony Gonzalez to finally wreak some havoc in the passing game, because Eddie Kennison is no match for Shawn Springs.
Scientific Pick: Kansas City

Atlanta at New Orleans
Hypothesis: Whining teams do not equal winning teams
That game in Green Bay was the single worst performance I have seen in years by an NFL team. It was pathetic in every aspect. It was a team that did not show up to play. Listen, I understand you got screwed by Katrina and the NFL. In the end, though, you have to play football, and that was a winnable game on the road. The Saints laid an egg instead. Now Deuce is out, putting more pressure on Aaron Brooks, which is never a good combination. Heck, the words "Aaron Brooks" and "starting quarterback" are not a good combination. Easy pick.
Scientific Pick: Atlanta

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
Hypothesis: Great defenses beat good offenses at home
With Pittsburgh's offense, it doesn't matter who is playing quarterback. The now-healthy Bus and the fast Willie Parker should be too much, even for the great defensive line of the Jaguars. The combination of Batch and Hines Ward will stretch the field JUST ENOUGH to establish the running game. The real reason for a Pittsburgh victory, however, is their aggressive defense getting turnovers and leaving their offense with a short field numerous times. It will be a close, close game, but Josh Reed will ice it late in the 4th quarter.
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh

Miami at Tampa Bay
Hypothesis: Overhyped teams regress to the mean over time
I'm not a big fan of the Dolphins, and I don't like picking the Gus-meister on the road. However, after watching that stinker that Tampa threw up against the Jets last week, I have no choice but to pick the same result against Miami, even if Cadillac plays. The Dolphins defense is stepping up once again (surprise to me), and the return of Ricky Williams should be a big help, spelling Ronnie Brown and giving the Dolphins' more weapons in the backfield. The Bucs will win if THEIR defense creates multiple turnovers through the error-prone play of Gus, taking any pressure away from Brien Griese.
Scientific Pick: Miami

Cleveland at Baltimore
Hypothesis: Give the better team one final chance to prove themselves
This is it. One final time picking the Ravens in a game they should win. They have the better team. They are more talented in all facets except for the quarterback position, which is ironic since Trent Dilfer was thrown out of town after that Super Bowl win. Their defense has been playing god-awful, with absolutely no one stepping up. That has to end, doesn't it?
Scientific Pick: Baltimore

New York Jets at Buffalo
Hypothesis: Vinny is not a savior
The bad news is that he is on my fantasy team, and I have to play him this week because Favre is on a bye. Buffalo's defense should destroy the Jets, while McGahee and Holcombe are good enough to run away with this one. This is another game that will not be pretty to watch. That seems to be more the norm in the NFL this year. There have been some really ugly games this year already.
Scientific Pick: Buffalo

New England at Denver
Hypothesis: Never bet against the defending champs three times in a row
I picked against New England against both San Diego and Atlanta. They lost against San Diego and should have lost against Atlanta. I can't do it three weeks in a row, even if the Pats end up winning this game. Can Plummer continue his error-free performances once again? Is the Pats defense really this bad? A lot of question marks here. I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos ended up winning this game, but I have to go with Brady and the champs. By the way, this will be the 4th home game already for the Broncos in 6 weeks. They are in for a downturn, and soon.
Scientific Pick: New England

San Diego at Oakland
Hypothesis: Take the best player in the NFL over a terrible rushing defense
I really like San Diego, even after that horrible refereed game against Pittsburgh. LT is still a stud, Drew Brees has stopped giving games away, and Antonio Gates is challenging Tony for the title of Best Tight End In The NFL. Yes, Randy Moss will catch a few bombs in this game, but the Raiders' defense can't stop anyone, especially not one of the top-5 offenses in the NFL. This will be an entertaining, high-scoring affair, but I see LT becoming too much for the Raiders defensive line, especially as the game wears on.
Scientific Pick: San Diego

Houston at Seattle
Hypothesis: Never bet against Shaun Alexander on prime-time
For some strange reason (comple coincidence), Shaun goes off on prime-time. Except in the playoffs. Maybe he has a thing for Joe Theismann. I don't know. What I do know is that Houston is just playing terrible, Andre Johnson might miss this game, leaving Carr with no targets downfield, and Seattle's offense is firing on all cylinders, even with DJack and Engram out for the immediate future. I have to go with Seattle on this one. If they lose this, it will be a huge loss, one of the worst in several years.
Scientific Pick: Seattle


St. Louis at Indianapolis

Hypothesis: Go with the team with a semblence of defense
This will be a very fun game to watch. Can Indy score 50? Can Bulger score 40? Can Freeney get 10 sacks? Stay tuned....
Scientific Pick: Indinapolis

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