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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Scientific Method, Week 5

Time to revisit the pain that was last week, which made me curl into a little ball and whimper for days. To put salt into the wound, Bill Simmons and a Seahawks fan came up with 6 horrific losses that have happened to Seattle in the last 24 months.

Who could forget the Superman performance of Anthony Wright? Any performance against the St. Louis Rams? The INT against the Green Bay Packers? Uggghh.

My wife wonders why I have a consistently tender stomach and digestive tract.

And this week I get to see the Seahawks play the Rams again! Wow, is it Christmas already?!

I'm not ready for the emotional drainage of this game.

But science is ready for anything, and well it should, as it has overcome an admittably weak start to stand up and be counted as SCIENTIFORICIOUS!!

Record so far: 33-27


New Orleans at Green Bay
Hypothesis: Non-horrible teams win before Week 6
Simply put, Green Bay is not a horrible team, and will never be a horrible team as long as Favre lines up under center. The man went up against a terrific defense, on the road, and was one pass away from tying and possibly winning that game. Meanwhile, New Orleans is the single most frustrating and mind-boggling team in the NFL, and should, in no way, be counted on the road to come up with a big win. Green Bay will be playing with desperation.
Scientific Pick: Green Bay

Baltimore at Detroit
Hypothesis: Superstar players do not suddenly become below-average
I know that Jamal Lewis came into camp a little overweight, and definitely did not have the best offseason of all time (unless jail food is better then I've heard). But he has absolutely sucked so far. And don't blame it on poor quarterback play. He has had bad quarterback play since Dilfer left, and it has never bothered him until this year. I refuse to believe that he is this bad. However, this game could convince me otherwise. I pick this with trepidation. If Baltimore loses this game, their season is over.
Scientific Pick: Baltimore

Chicago at Cleveland
Hypothesis: Never take a rookie quarterback over a defensive genuis
Romeo Crennel is a genuis who, you can be sure, watched how Cincinnati dismantled Kyle Orton and took copious notes. Meanwhile, Trent Dilfer is assuring Cleveland of being able to at least somewhat move the ball behind what is turning out to be an ok offensive line and a great weapon in Braylon Edwards. Can a rookie quarterback play that well in the Dawg Pound? I doubt it.
Scientific Pick: Cleveland

Miami at Buffalo
Hypothesis: Average quarterbacks become horrible on the road
All of a sudden, people are thinking about picking Miami to possibly win the AFC East? Where did that come from? Does anyone really believe that this offense can carry this team to 10 wins? Meanwhile, Buffalo has MASSIVELY underachieved, and Kelly Holcombe will be counted on to get Erick Moulds and Lee Evans involved in the offense, opening things up for Willis McGahee. The Buffalo crowd will be aching for a win, and I think they will get it. It will be close, but Frerotte (sp?) will make a key mistake towards the end to ice it for Buffalo.
Scientific Pick: Buffalo

New England at Atlanta
Hypothesis: Sometimes..... go against the prevailing winds
What are the prevailing winds, one might ask? Well, most people seem to be picking New England to come down to Atlanta and prove their dominance once again. However, I watched some of that game last week. What I saw was a defense ill-equipped to stop the run, and no team runs like the Atlanta Falcons. I also saw Tom Brady once again faltering under pressure, and not many teams bring pressure like the Atlanta Falcons. This is a game that I would pick New England if it was in New England, but the Falcons will be playing for pride and because they're playing the champs, so don't be fooled into thinking that New England has more to prove. A scary pick that could bring me back to the times of Week 2 where science failed.
Scientific Pick: Atlanta

Seattle at St. Louis
Hypothesis: There exists, for every team, a house of horrors
Bile rises in my mouth when I think about this game. I don't know how we'll lose it. Maybe Warrick will drop a key pass, or Shaun will fumble, or Holt will get wide open and break a 60 yard touchdown. The result is inevitable.
Scientific Pick: St. Louis

Tampa Bay at NY Jets
Hypothesis: There will be at least one upset every week
At the beginning of the season, that hypothesis would lead me to pick Tampa Bay, but the tables have turned. The injury to Cadillac really hurt the Bucs offense last week, while Herm Edwards almost won a game with Brooks Bollinger at quarterback. No, I don't think Vinny will have a great game, but I see an opportunistic defense rising up and giving the Jets a short field multiple times. Tampa Bay isn't good enough to be 5-0. Unless they win, and then they will be.
Scientific Pick: NY Jets

Tennessee at Houston
Hypothesis: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut
Houston almost won at Cincinnati last week, one must realize. David Carr isn't a stiff, Andre Johnson has to be steaming mad, they have had another week in the new offense..... I just see them potentially trouncing Tennessee.
Scientific Pick: Houston

Indianapolis at San Francisco
Hypothesis: Never pick against San Francisco
Following the pick of science, Alex Smith, in his first game, should, finally, find the weak point in what has been an overachieving Indy defense. I've been impressed with Brandon Lloyd, and look for Smith to find him early and often. San Fran's defense has stepped up at home, and Peyton usually has one or two games a year that leaves a person clutching at their forehead and wondering where Peyton is at. Easy pick, really.
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis

Washington at Denver
Hypothesis: When an offense plays as well as it can and scores 17 points in regulation, it's not time to crown them champion of anything
I don't want to waste my breath on either of these teams, but Denver has looked (swallow hard) impressive recently, while Washington has not.
Scientific Pick: Denver

Philadelphia at Dallas
Hypothesis: Dallas sucks
How does Drew Bledsoe look to you now, Cowboys fans? What up, John Clayton, he who picked the Boys to be magically improved? Meanwhile, McNabb looks scary good right now. It's like his body is holding itself together for the Super Bowl before he breaks into about 549 pieces. Meanwhile, the blitzing Philly defense should easily find the stationary Bledsoe, resulting in sacks, pressure, and turnovers. Not a close game.
Scientific Pick: Philadelphia

Carolina at Arizona
Hypothesis: The power of the desert can wilt some opposition
This is a semi-upset pick, but it does seem like the high heat of the desert can hurt some visiting teams, including USC last week for 3 quarters. Carolina's secondary looked extremely vulnerable last week. Enter Boldin and Fitzgerald, who schooled Lucas last year and should be ready to do it again. I mean, McCown doesn't need to be the most accurate passer, he just needs to throw it up in their vicinity. Trust those receivers to make plays. Delhomme has looked, frankly, pretty poor this season while that vaunted Panthers running attack has yet to get going.
Scientific Pick: Arizona

Cincinnati at Jacksonville
Hypothesis: Never trust, completely, early season hype
Enough with Cincy. They are a good team. They have a good quarterback, a good running back, and some excellent wide receivers. But, seriously, enough. They're not walking on water yet, ok?
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville


Pittsburgh at San Diego
Hypothesis: In a battle of equals, go with the home team
I have to go with San Diego, simply because LT looks dominant and Pittsburgh has looked unimpressive in its last couple of games. This will be Willie Parker's last stand.
Scientific Pick: San Diego

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