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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Quick Note: Why Are They Mad?

Why did Tory Holt cause Seahawks players to be upset?

He simply stated that the Rams were mentally tougher, leading to them continually toughing out the hard wins over Seattle.

Personally, I tend to agree with him. I've watched this matchup over the last few years. The last time we won, in Seattle, was a game that we were begging the Rams to win, and they couldn't take advantage.

Besides that..... Shaun has a big fumble. The defense can't make a play on 3rd down. Marcus Trufant whiffs on Holt. Terrell Bierra remembers that he sucks. Engram drops the ball in the end zone.

The 4th quarter in our matchup has belonged to the Rams. That's a fact. Tory Holt stated the reason that was a fact.

We will learn on Sunday whether that has changed, especially going into this game without DJack or Engram to move the chains and pick up those 3rd and 6 downs that the West Coast offense finds itself in.

Can Wistrom or Fisher get to Bulger late, throwing him off his rhythm or causing him to throw an interception?

Can Shaun Alexander shine the ENTIRE game against a sub-par Rams defense?

Can Marcus Trufant and Ken Hamlim stick on Holt?

Even more importantly, can Boulware and Tatupu adequately cover the middle from the strong duo of Curtis and McDonald?

Can Holmgren, finally, turn off the conservative button if we get a lead?

These are questions of mental strength. These are questions of mental toughness that the Seahawks have never answered.

They started to answer those questions last week, almost winning a game they had no business winning due to their horrific play in the 1st half.

They made the big plays. They came up with the late score. The late pick. Until Holmgren and Brown futzed it away.

I'm watching, Hawks. But until I see otherwise, count me as a Tory Holt believer.

Gavin: I have to chime in here for a second... because as of now, Torry Holt is absolutely correct about the Seattle Seahawks. We do nothing but lose hard games, and the close games we win are generally after we try as hard as we can to lose it first. If we hadn't had Michael Boulware last year we would have lost close games to New Orleans, Miami, Tampa Bay, and Minnesota. Not impressive. We have this utter lack of ability to put the foot down on the opposing team's throat unless that team completely sucks (like Arizona).

This weekend's game can determine a lot about the heart of this team. Can we move the ball without Engram and Jackson? Can we rebound from the loss to Washington?

I used to be a big Mike Holmgren supporter. My support is fading fast. He needs to give the team the confidence that they can take it in the fourth quarter. If he has no confidence, why should they?

The Rams are not a good team. As long as we continue to lose to them, we are not a good team.

See you Sunday.

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