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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pete Prisco. Again. Sucks.

Maybe the guys over at Sportsline just like asking Petey questions about the Seahawks to see what type of asinine answers drip from his lips?

Here's Pete's answer to the question of whether the Seattle Seahawks are a playoff threat:
It all starts with the quarterback. Doesn't it always? And the

The what? Where are you going with this? Is Hasselbeck, and the #1 rated offense in the NFL, not the answer? By the way, when teams prepare to face the Seahawks, their game plans do NOT start with the quarterback. They start with Shaun Alexander. Same thing when you play the Ravens. Or the Jets. Or the Bears. Or the Chargers. Or the Chiefs. You get the idea. By the way, learn to proofread. It rocks.
They'll get in because they play in a bad division.

Took you that long to realize that one, Prisco? Strange. Before the season this division was seen as largely improved EXCEPT for the Seahawks. The Cardinals were better. The 49ers were better. The Rams were better. The Seahawks were supposed to sink back to the depths of 6-10.
But I still have reservations as to how far this team can go. The two good teams they've faced on the road -- the Jaguars and Redskins -- both beat them.

Let's take a look at why that is a stupid statement to bring up. First, since we play in a "bad" division, there is a likelihood of at least ONE home-field game in the playoff run. Second, this discounts the two good teams we have beaten at home: The Falcons and the Cowboys. Third, the win at St. Louis was HUGE, and can not be overstated for the ability of this team to win on the road. That was a house of horrors for us, and everyone stepped up.

Next up, let's see how other NFC teams Pete fawns over have fared against good teams on the road. The New York Giants, led by new superstar and coming Messiah Eli Manning, are 0-2 on the road, getting throttled by San Diego and choking at Dallas. The Eagles, NFC favorite, are 1-2 on the road against good teams, getting whalloped by Dallas, outplayed by Atlanta, and winning a game they were down by 20 in at Kansas City. The Washington Redskins are 1-2 on the road, winning a game they shouldn't have in Dallas and losing hard at Denver and at Kansas City. The Falcons are 1-1 on the road against good teams, losing to Seattle and beating Buffalo, a win that looks less impressive by the week, especially since Losman was still quarterbacking the Bills. The Panthers haven't played anyone good on the road, losing to Miami big and barely beating the Cardinals and Lions (should have lost that game but for a bum call). Finally, the Bucs also haven't played anyone good on the road, losing to Vinny and the Jets and beating Green Bay and Minnesota.

I'd say the Hawks come out ok there. We did lose hard to Jacksonville. Worst loss of the season. First game of the season with an entirely new defense and, for some reason, a reluctance to give Shaun the football. We did not lose hard to Washington. But for a upright, we would have won that game. We played hard, and I was proud of the team at the end of that one.

Basically, Pete, stupid point.
Dallas, another good team, had no business losing that game last Sunday at Seattle.

Why do you say that? Why did they have no business losing that game? They scored 10 points. They scored 3 points on two turnovers inside the red zone. Bledsoe played terribly. They had no passing game, and couldn't protect Bledsoe at all. They are the ones that let the Hawks drive down the field using our 3rd string receivers. Maybe the Hawks had no business winning that game, but neither did the Cowboys. There was a reason that the Hawks were still around by the end. They were playing just as physical as the Cowboys. I like that.
So while the Seahawks are 5-2, I still have questions about this group getting past the first round of the playoffs -- even as a division winner. They have the top-rated offense, so that isn't the issue.

Basically, a non-factor? Yeah, you're right. We might be a division-winner with a likely home game in the first round. And we have the top-rated offense with Shaun Alexander just running roughshod over opposing defenses. But that doesn't help Prisco reach his insane conclusion, so we will simply set those aspects aside.
The defense has played well so far, but is it really a dominant group? The feeling here is that side of the ball will be Seattle's undoing in its quest to win a Super Bowl.

Pete. Seriously. The question isn't whether we will win a Super Bowl. The question is whether the Hawks are a playoff threat. What part of the defense, which just handled the Cowboys minus one of our top two cover men and the heart and soul of our defense in Ken Hamlin, makes you so sure that the Hawks aren't a threat? We are allowing less then 300 yards per game. We have an excellent pass rush, ranked third in the NFL with 23 sacks. We are allowing 18.1 points per game. And we are young and IMPROVING. Are they a dominant defense? What defenses are outside of Tampa, Chicago, Pittsburgh, maybe Indy, maybe Philly......
As to whether the Seahawks are a playoff team, that's a given. Pencil them in as the division champs. That isn't enough anymore, however. They have to get deep into the playoffs for this to be a successful season.

Enough for what? To answer the question as to whether they are a playoff threat? I agree, the Hawks need to win at least one playoff game for this to be a successful season. I grant Pete that, though, once again, that has nothing to do with the question.

Are the Hawks, right now, a playoff threat? Absolutely. They deserve that. Will they make it to the Super Bowl? Who knows? The NFC is pretty jumbled at the top, and there is still a lot of season to go, with the prospect of injuries (knock, knock) always looming above any NFL team.

But, Pete, my word, just stop it. Please. Don't write another word about the Seahawks.

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