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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NFL Week 7 in Review

This was one freaking fun week of the NFL (outside of the game on Monday night, which was abysmal). Mainly I enjoyed it because of the way the Hawks won.

Colin started our new rant against one Pete Prisco, and I'm not going to quit pressing down hard. Seriously, why do we trust these "experts" when it is obvious they don't know what the hell they are talking about? Why do we trust what Michael Irvin has to say about anything other than being a wide receiver and dealing with drug abuse? That's why Colin and I should be hired by a sports station. We're skinny white nerds, in the John Clayton mode. He gets stuff right, even if he (with the rest of the friggin' world) predicted that Arizona would rock the NFC West. Mike Ditka apparently still feels that Arizona has a great shot. Mike Ditka is the same "genius" who traded all his draft picks for one Ricky Williams. We all know how that one turned out. ESPN needs to turn down the volume and turn up the smarts. Same goes at CBSSportsline. On to the Prisco bashing!

Kansas City 30 at Miami 20
Hypothesis: Pick against Pete Prisco
Pete's Pick: Miami
Scientific Pick: Kansas City
Miami was seriously overrated after a couple of decent wins. Remember, they are one year away from complete and utter mediocrity and with a starting quarterback named Gus Frerotte. The reason they would beat one of the top four teams in the AFC would be because...
Hand it to Kansas City. They didn't mess around with this one. They put the squeeze on early and Miami was never really in it.

Pittsburgh 27 at Cincinnati 13
Hypothesis: Always go with the team that has the most to prove (and pick against Pete Prisco).
Pete's Pick: Cincinnati
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh
Who in their right mind picks Cincinatti to win this game? Pittsburgh absolutely HAD to win this one, and they're the team that almost beats Jacksonville at home without Ben Roethlisberger or Hines Ward. Cincinatti reminds me a lot of the Seattle teams of the past few years. Young, really talented, and weak mentally. They didn't stand a chance Sunday. Pitt got into Carson Palmer's head and, outside of a meaningless touchdown drive at the end, he couldn't accomplish anything. Pittsburgh did what they always do in statement games, run it down the opposing team's throat. I love Steeler football at its finest, and that's what that game was. Any pick against Pitt was pure idiocy (hello Prisco).

Detroit 13 at Cleveland 10
Hypothesis: In a matchup of even teams, go with the better quarterback
Pete's Pick: Cleveland
Scientific Pick: Cleveland
Pretty hard to dispute picking Cleveland in this one, with the way Detroit's defense was playing (or the lack thereof). Is there a worse division you can remember than the NFC North? Detroit is 3-3! Are you kidding me? That is absurd! Jeff Garcia was praised up and down the field essentially for directing an anemic offense that could manage one touchdown. That's veteran leadership for you. As for Cleveland, the Romeo Crennel honeymoon is over, as the Browns deal with the reality of a large talent gap between themselves and the rest of the NFL. Look for only two-three wins the rest of the way for Trent Dilfer and company.

New Orleans 17 at St. Louis 28
Hypothesis: An injured quarterback matters more then an injured running back
Pete's Pick: New Orleans
Scientific Pick: New Orleans
It's easy here to blame the refs for yet another terrible call against the Saints. However, I'm not going to pile on (even though it was ridiculous). New Orleans put themselves in that position with their inability to put St. Louis away, a team without Torry Holt and without Marc Bulger. Inexcusable to only put up 17 points against that terrible defense, and only 3 after the first quarter. That's not the refs fault, that's Aaron Brooks. As for the Rams, losing Mike Martz might be the best thing that's happened to their offense, who get a few weeks to focus on learning how to run the ball effectively with Stephen Jackson. I'm a little frightened of that offense with a running game. I was definitely hoping the Rams would blow this one and give Seattle the three game advantage, but it was not to be.

Green Bay 20 at Minnesota 23
Hypothesis: Never pick Minnesota to win a big game this season
Pete's Pick: Green Bay
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
So the first time that Colin picks against Minnesota in a big game he gets screwed again. Stupid Vikings. Still, speaking of inexplicable collapses, where did the Packers go? When you are up 17-0 against a bad team, you don't start coasting, they didn't the previous time out against New Orleans. This was a "Seattle" loss, playing way too conservatively after getting the lead, and then being unable to rev the offense back up quickly near the end. Still, congrats to the Vikings for putting the whole Love Boat cruise behind them and squeaking out an important victory that leaves them within a game of the lead of the NFC North... at 2-4. For the Packers, is there a team that's had to deal with more injuries? Ahman Green, Najeh Davenport, Javon Walker, Robert Ferguson, that's pretty much your four best offensive playmakers outside of Brett Favre. Not cool. Favre's going to have to come back for one more year. Don't let this be it, man.

San Diego 17 at Philadelphia 20
Hypothesis: Pick the team with the great running game against the team that can't stop the run.
Pete's Pick: Philadelphia
Scientific Pick: San Diego
To paraphrase Colin, San Diego is the best 3-4 team of our generation. Yeesh, what a way to lose the game. Still, when LaDainian Tomlinson only runs for 7 yards you do not deserve to win that game. What happened to their offensive line? They couldn't string out the linebackers, they were allowing penetration every other passing play, and they couldn't win any battle at the line of scrimmage. If anyone wants to point the finger of blame, don't blame the special teams for not blocking for that final field goal, and don't blame Reche Caldwell for that final fumble. Blame the offensive line for putting them in that situation. As for the Eagles, at some point your complete and utter lack of a running game will catch up with you. You simply do not have the quality of wide receivers to compete. Greg Lewis is a #3 or preferably #4 option. LJ Smith is overrated. Brian Westbrook needs the ball. Your offensive line isn't good enough passblocking, and your quarterback can't scramble. We should be scared of this offense because...

San Francisco 17 at Washington 52
Hypothesis: Never pick San Francisco to win again
Pete's Pick: Washington
Scientific Pick: Washington
Good thing Colin didn't pick San Francisco to win this one, because I would have laughed long and loud at him. Prisco didn't do the trifecta (pick Miami, SF, and Houston) and so earns a modicum of respectability back. This was Division I versus Division III. San Francisco played terribly. Alex Smith doesn't look like he was worth anything near the type of money they paid him. Perhaps the 49ers would have been better served trading down and waiting on Matt Leinart this year. Not much more to say about this one, just like our win over Houston, you cannot derive too many conclusions from the level of dominance Washington exhibited. They aren't that good. Finally saw some LaVar Arrington, though. If the Redskins don't want him, we wouldn't mind taking him off their hands.

Indianapolis 38 at Houston 20
Hypothesis: Never pick Houston to ever win
Pete's Pick: Houston (I'm not joking)
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
At some point Indianapolis will play a good team. I can't wait, because they are just coasting right now. The St Louis game would've posed a challenge if Bulger hadn't gotten hurt. I really want New England to pummel them in a couple of weeks, just to knock them off their high horse. Pittsburgh and New England should beat the Colts, just to get them back for their schedule. As for Pete Prisco, do you seriously think that the Texans can touch Indy? Were you dropped on your head when you were little? Pick Houston to beat San Francisco. Pick Houston to beat Cleveland. Never pick Houston to beat Indianapolis.

Dallas 10 at Seattle 13
Hypothesis: Don't believe the overhype
Pete's Pick: Dallas
Scientific Pick: Seattle
I still can't write about this game. Un-freakin-believable.

Baltimore 6 at Chicago 10
Hypothesis: Never pick a rookie quarterback against a very mad Ray Lewis
Pete's Pick: Baltimore
Scientific Pick: Baltimore

This game is my pick of "worst game of the week" and we shall now forget that it ever happened. It does seem that my "worst game of the week" always involves either Baltimore or Chicago. I feel bad for fans of those teams, because those aren't good games... even if the Bears are 3-3 and tied for first in the NFC North. UW could friggin be tied for first in the NFC North apparently.

Buffalo 17 at Oakland 38
Scientific Pick: Sometimes you just don't think and go with the better team
Pete's Pick: Oakland
Scientific Pick: Buffalo
Sometimes Colin just doesn't think and goes with the worse team. I've been pretty high on Oakland from the start (other than that terrible defense). This is a team that almost beat Kansas City, San Diego, and New England. They are much better than their record indicates. They deserved another win. Kerry Collins, for all the cracks about him, isn't throwing picks, and is spreading the ball around the field (Doug Gabriel leading the team with 101 yds receiving). Lamont Jordan even decided to make an appearance with several highlight reel runs against a Bills defense reeling from the combined loss of Takeo Spikes and Lawyer Milloy. The Bills also for some reason toned down their passing attack this week, which seems to be how they lose. Spread the field with Eric Moulds and Lee Evans, and then pound it up with Willis McGahee. Just a though.

Denver 23 at NY Giants 24
Hypothesis: There will be one upset a week
Pete's Pick: Denver
Scientific Pick: NY Giants
Is it really an upset when a 3-2 team knocks off a 5-1 team? That doesn't seem to fit the bill. Still, kudos to Eli Manning and the Giants for the second-best comeback of the week (behind us, of course). He showed tremendous poise in the pocket and looks very comfortable overall at home. Denver's secondary is starting to show the wear and tear with the lessened role of Champ Bailey. They need some other players to start stepping up. The Giants will probably be one of those teams that does well at home and really struggles on the road. I view them as Seattle, circa 2003. Mark my words, Seattle, circa 2003.

Tennessee 10 at Arizona 20
Hypothesis: Who knows? Who's playing quarterback?
Pete's Pick: Arizona
Scientific Pick: Tennessee
Colin made two significant mistakes with this pick. One, he picked the Titans on the road, when they haven't played all that well on the road. Second, he picked Kurt Warner to start when Denny Green made the actual correct decision and went with Josh McCown. So now Arizona has won two in a row and people think they're still in it. WRONG. They beat San Francisco and Tennessee at home, two awful teams with awful defenses. You get one gold star for that. Let's see how they do in two weeks against the Hawks at home. They still have no running game, and a mediocre passing attack. Anquan Boldin was MIA, and they need both he and Fitzgerald to have big games each and every week. Let's see how bad a game this was... leading rusher was Chris Brown with 37 yds. Yep, Arizona is back.

NY Jets 14 at Atlanta 27
Hypothesis: Don't go with the 44 year old quarterback against the best pass rushing team in the NFL
Pete's Pick: Atlanta
Scientific Pick: Atlanta
I cannot believe how bad a game this was. Atlanta should have won by thirty. They looked terrible after NY gifted them their first 17 points. They allow Brooks Bollinger to drive down the field twice, and get lucky that the Jets don't score their third touchdown. Michael Vick just looks mediocre as a passer. He still makes some of those unbelievable plays but then misses about 10 wide open receivers, two of which bounce off them into interceptions. I'm just not that impressed with the Falcons. Again, not a good game.

So the Scientific Method had another mediocre week, ending up at 7-7.
Pete Prisco had a Pete Prisco week, ending up at 5-9.
Head to Head on disagreements, Colin came out on top at 5-3. Come on man, you can do better than that!

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