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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

NFL Week 6 In Review

This was a pretty fun week, with plenty of good games outside of the one I cared about. Thankfully, CBS actually decided to show me a solid Patriots game. The local station here has refused to show doubleheaders all freaking season and will never show any game of consequence (showed some mortgage crap instead of the NE/Pitt affair). I pray they all break out in boils.

Minnesota 3 at Chicago 28

Scientific Pick: Minnesota
And... Minnesota is officially done. We will still be trying to figure out what happened to this team five years down the road. The Vikings appeared to have it all set, and it is inexcusable the lack of offensive production. Let's put it this way... who's better, the Vikings or the Texans? Hmmm? Who would win if they played? I don't know who I'd pick. Chicago apparently is going to vie for "wierdest team of the year" with the Saints. This week they look like the best team in the division. Next week they'll probably get shut out. For some reason the Cedric Benson rumors are starting... the same season Thomas Jones actually starts playing with some consistency. That's just not right.

New York Giants 13 at Dallas 16
Hypothesis: Inconsistent quarterbacks mean inconsistent team play
Scientific Pick: NY Giants
First Hypothesis that was right on the money. This was an UGLY game where if one of the two teams had played at any kind of reasonable level they win going away. The offensive lines couldn't block my middle school team. Bledsoe and Manning both had the "Tim Duncan Sad Face" going on. And yet, at the end of the day, the Cowboys won and the hype continued. Is there a team more overrated right now in the NFC? Let's think about it... Dallas has scraped out three wins they didn't deserve. This one against NY, the game against SF, and the opener against San Diego. They have played one, count it, one good game, and it did come against Philly. Please Hawks, take the hype machine down.

Carolina 21 at Detroit 20
Scientific Pick: Carolina
And the Panthers survive yet another week against a terrible team. They are the next version of the Cowboys, ekeing out "victories" against Green Bay, Arizona, and Detroit. I'm still regretting that Super Bowl pick at the beginning of the year. Detroit's offense is indescribably mediocre. Kevin Jones? Please? Where the heck are you? Joey Harrington is sinking in quicksand right now. He has no confidence, and all that jazz piano apparently has filled up his skull so that checkdowns can't be remembered. The winner of the NFC North is going to be the Padres of the NFL this year. Easy prediction: no wild card winner will come from the NFC North...

Cincinnati 31 at Tennessee 23
Scientific Pick: Tennessee
Colin almost got this upset pick, and if Steve McNair doesn't start throwing it up for grabs in the second half I think Tennessee wins this. Again, the Titans play above themselves and almost pull off the upset. Unfortunately, they soon are going to start giving up and get blown out a few times (hopefully against Seattle), because that motivation only goes so far. They just aren't talented enough. The Bengals are still a bit of a mirage. Their wins have come against Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago, Houston and Tennessee. See the pattern? Add San Francisco and you have a list of the worst teams in the NFL. Let's see how they do next week home versus Pitt. Then I'll be a believer.

Washington 21 at Kansas City 28
Scientific Pick: Kansas City
The Redskins continue to move the ball with ease and continue to score 20 points a game. What is that? Whether through turnovers or taking too much time, they simply can't score enough points. Two "moral victories" against Denver and Kansas City can't get around the fact that the Redskins now are mired in a two game losing skid, although San Francisco is next on the docket. The Chiefs are back in the AFC hunt with a semi-impressive win. Still, where is the vaunted running game? The Chiefs just seem a little more mediocre than normal on offense, unable to run it up and down the field. Could it have a little to do with the disappearance of Tony Gonzalez? Did he insult Trent Green's mom? Where is he?

Atlanta 34 at New Orleans 31
Scientific Pick: Atlanta
Defensive Holding on a field goal attempt? Are you kidding me? Look, New Orleans deserved a lot better than that, for playing the way they did without Deuce, and after the abomination of a week before. They vacillate as much as the Bears apparently, and enjoy playing in San Antonio. The Falcons defense has to be worrisome to the coaching staff, because they aren't stopping anyone. The Hawks, Patriots, and Saints have all put up huge numbers against them, and now Edgerton Hartwell is out of the picture. I don't think Michael Vick, especially a banged-up Michael Vick, can put up 30 a game. Can Atlanta hold on this year?

Jacksonville 23 at Pittsburgh 17
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh
What this pick missed was the utter ineffectiveness of Tommy Maddox, in a game which will go down in infamy as "worst backup performance ever". Frankly, Bill Cowher deserves as much blame as Maddox. Jerome Bettis only getting four carries after gashing San Diego the week previously? What? The week you need to rely heavily on the running game and you don't use Bettis? That's absurd. Congrats to Jacksonville for another excellent road performance. Our loss to them looks better and better all the time. The Jags almost beat the Colts and did take out the Steelers. If Matt Jones continues to improve, watch out for this team come playoff time.

Miami 13 at Tampa Bay 27
Scientific Pick: Miami
I really think this was a dumb pick by Colin. Miami has played well this year... AT HOME. You're picking Gus Frerotte on the road against the Buccaneers defense. Just because San Francisco didn't play this week... seriously. Monkeys throwing feces at a dartboard. I'm just saying. True to form, Frerotte played badly, and Tampa Bay cruised, even with "Crucial Turnover Machine" Chris Simms playing in the second half. Bucs fans, prepare for disappointment. Brian Griese was solid. Simms is anything but. The rollercoaster begins next week.

Cleveland 3 at Baltimore 16
Scientific Pick: Baltimore
This is the type of games I expected from Baltimore. Boring football. Suffocating defense and an offense just good enough to get by. Still, when I randomly pick up Chester Taylor for one week in fantasy football and he rocks Jamal Lewis, questions have to be answered, like, what wuss alien has taken over Jamal Lewis? He's averaging 3.0 yards per carry. Usually he would average 3.0 yards after the fifth hit. Maybe he's worn down. The Browns just can't take the show on the road to a team desperately needing a win. Romeo Crennel can coach, but he doesn't have a good team, and weeks like this will happen. They should be excited they have two wins by now and move on.

New York Jets 17 at Buffalo 27
Scientific Pick: Buffalo
Buffalo is back. All they needed was a real quarterback, because when you have Lee Evans and Eric Moulds, ineffectiveness is not an option. The Bills should be concerned about their run defense, which allowed an aging Curtis Martin to shred them for 148 yards, but I would put Buffalo almost on par with New England at this stage of the game. The Jets are least playing better under Vinny Testaverde, but there are far greater problems than quarterback. The loss of Kevin Mawae is enormous and will hurt them all year. He is the leader of that offensive line. Will Herm Edwards survive the year?

New England 20 at Denver 28
Hypothesis: Never bet against the defending champs three times in a row
Scientific Pick: New England
I have to agree with Colin here. No way I thought Denver was going to win this one. And if you take away the second quarter, New England wins this one going away. The Broncos exploited the all-of-a-sudden weak New England defense. Why were the Pats able to get away with Earthwind Moreland last year and not this year? My answer? Tedy Bruschi. That's why his return will be so huge. Still, where is the running game for New England? They simply can't move the ball on the ground, so Brady is throwing it more, but he is just not effective when the responsibility is completely placed on his shoulders. Congratulations again to Denver. Now show me what you can do on the road and in the second half of the season.

San Diego 27 at Oakland 14
Scientific Pick: San Diego
The Chargers should have won by thirty. The Raiders just couldn't stop anything, and Kerry Collins couldn't put the ball in the end zone. At some point, bad defenses start to wear down, and the Raiders have a bad defense. They also have a killer schedule which doesn't help them gain any kind of momentum. They also might have lost Randy Moss. Not a good stretch. The Chargers have lots of good things going for them, but I have one concern... they are not finding Antonio Gates enough. At some point they are going to have to depend on something outside of LaDainian Tomlinson and they need Gates to be effective. I don't see them putting enough emphasis on that fact. It's a real issue.

Houston 10 at Seattle 42
Scientific Pick: Seattle
Good to get a week off from heart failure. Bad to have to see that crap.


St. Louis 28 at Indianapolis 45
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
If Mark Bulger doesn't go down, the Rams win this game. They finally had decided to commit to the run first before the deep pass, and it was shredding the "vaunted" Indy defense. Then Bulger throws that stupid pick, gets knocked off his feet, and the rest is history. It would be interesting if Mike Martz watches that first quarter and pays attention. Lead with Stephen Jackson, take lots of time off the clock, and give the opposing team fewer shots at your crappy defense. When they start throwing it all the time and giving the opposing team many many shots at said crappy defense this game is what happens. Congrats to Manning/Harrison for the record, but I'm still not convinced that Indy's offense is back this year. They still seem out of sorts.

Still a mediocre week for the Scientist. Maybe he'll go next week without predicting either Miami or San Francisco to win... (stifle giggle).
Record: 8-6

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