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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

NFL Week 5 in Review

This was a pretty wacky week. After the dust cleared, Indianapolis was the only undefeated team left standing. New England reminded us again why one should never pick against them. Seattle destroyed what is left of my nervous system. The Scientific Method was... there. On to the review! Yes, I acknowledge this is late. I was tired last night. Deal with it.


New Orleans 3 at Green Bay 52

Hypothesis: Non-horrible teams win before Week 6
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
Did Colin believe that New Orleans was going to self-destruct like that at Lambeau Field playing a Packers team minus Ahman Green and Javon Walker? No. This is an absurd decision. No way Green Bay is that much better. They have to hate jumping on this bye week after some real momentum... five quarters of quality NFC football (hint: that's a little bit of a joke). Let the hype and sappy Brett Favre pieces begin! Easy pick: Green Bay loses next time out.

Baltimore 17 at Detroit 35
Scientific Pick: Baltimore
Another wacky score. No way Detroit should have put up this many points against Baltimore's defense. Joey Harrington actually had an awful game. Kevin Jones was the difference-maker, in a way he hadn't been all year, and in a way he was predicted to have been all year. If the Lions can get the running game going they can compete in an abysmal NFC North. You can put a fork in the Ravens as they prepare to enter the Matt Leinart lottery.

Chicago 10 at Cleveland 20
Scientific Pick: Cleveland
This was actually a fairly easy pick. Rookie QB, on the road, against good defensive mind, do I have to paint a picture? Kyle Orton struggled. Trent Dilfer played his normal solid self. Put it in the bank for the Browns, who have to be considered one of the surprise teams of the year (because they aren't awful). Romeo Crennel was a pretty good hire, apparently. The Bill Simmons Chicago Bears lovefest should be over shortly. Thomas Jones is still the starting running back instead of Cedric Benson. The defense can't win every game.

Miami 14 at Buffalo 20
Scientific Pick: Buffalo
Well, what do you know? Buffalo can actually pass the ball occasionally. Bills fans have to be cheering wildly to see a receiving touchdown occur (and I was since Eric Moulds is on my fantasy team). I'm not sure if JP Losman is really that bad, but until they take the clips off his wigs, Kelley Holcombe needs to be the starting quarterback. The Bills are FAR too good a team to be out of the playoff picture. I am impressed with the Dolphins keeping it close... Nick Saban really seems to be instilling a winning atmosphere there. Still, with the Dolphins it's never how the first half of the season goes...

New England 31 at Atlanta 28
Scientific Pick: Atlanta
I'll let Colin tell this story himself... "A scary pick that could bring me back to the times of Week 2 where science failed." So, Colin made a scary pick that to be honest wasn't all that scary. Atlanta should have won this game, and would have if Michael Vick was the starting quarterback (or possibly not, since Matt Schaub can actually pass the ball). The Patriots still gave up far too many points, still gave up far too many yards on the ground, and yet have this Adam Vinatieri fellow who can nail a game winner with one eye closed. New England is just waiting for a week that they don't have to play a Super Bowl contender. What a brutal opening schedule.

Seattle 37 at St. Louis 31
Scientific Pick: St. Louis
I'm actually in St Louis today writing this recap. I have been gloating every second I've been here. Actual thought process... "The Cardinals are in the NLCS? How interesting... no, tell me more... TOO BAD THE RAMS LOST!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Tampa Bay 12 at NY Jets 14
Scientific Pick: NY Jets
Colin's upset special of the week actually worked. My opinion is because he didn't pick the 49ers to win this week. Anyways, Vinny Testaverde was just good enough, and Tampa proved that they really aren't as good as their record indicates. Hint: pick them to lose next week too. Anyways, this was not really an exciting game, as the Jets seem to want to join the list of teams (49ers, Texans, Bears) that I would rather watch WNBA action than their particular brand of "football".

Tennessee 34 at Houston 20
Scientific Pick: Houston
Dom Capers is a dead man walking. David Carr is a dead man walking. When is the bottom really going to fall out for the Texans? I almost wish they had won, though, because it sucks to have to play a winless team, because in the NFL, there is such a thing as "due". Kudos to Jeff Fisher, who at this point of the season has two more wins than I would have expected (do the math and you'll get it). Both of these teams can gear up to be smacked around by Indianapolis again.

Indianapolis 28 at San Francisco 3
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
Has there ever been a legitimate Super Bowl contender with as easy an opening schedule as the Colts? Every week they have played nobodies. Alright, one week against Jacksonville... AT HOME. Meanwhile the Patriots have played the Steelers, the Falcons, and the Chargers. I can't believe in the Colts until they play an actual offense. The defense is not as good as they've shown. Every team can make San Francisco look bad... because SF is a very bad team. Alex Smith looked okay, perhaps he'll look even better next week. Not a lot of bright spots for 49er fans.

Washington 19 at Denver 21
Scientific Pick: Denver
Washington's offense looked impressive while not scoring for the second week in a row, which makes me as a Hawks fan feel a little bit better. It is inexcusable to not even score 20 points when your quarterback throws for over 300 yards. There's some major problems in the ol' red zone there, especially if your running back is Clinton Portis. The Redskins should have won this game. The Broncos scored touchdowns, and might have latched on to Tatum Bell, at least for one week. Congrats, Denver is following the normal Mike Shanahan route... look good until the first round of the playoffs.

Philadelphia 10 at Dallas 33
Scientific Pick: Philadelphia
How the hell did this game happen? I watched most of the first half and couldn't believe my eyes. It was flat out insane. The Cowboys started every drive in Philly's territory. The Eagles' defense couldn't stop Terry Glenn! For two weeks now the Eagles have been schooled. This time Donovan McNabb and friends couldn't step up and come back. Andy Reid needs to rediscover Brian Westbrook, because he's fallen way too in love with the pass, and, like we've written multiple times, the Eagles lack the receivers to make that work. Dallas is not as good as they looked. This team just lost to the Raiders. That's not going to stop Salisbury from gushing, but that's his problem.

Carolina 24 at Arizona 20
Scientific Pick: Arizona
The Josh McCown show hit a bit of a roadblock on Sunday, as he was unable to hold a sizable fourth quarter lead against the Panthers. I don't understand this Carolina team. Even when they win, they do so in an extremely unimpressive fashion. They should have lost this game. They got outplayed in just about every facet. I picked them to go to the Super Bowl. Shows you what I know.

Cincinnati 20 at Jacksonville 23
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville
Thank you Jacksonville for finally putting a stop to some of the Cincinatti hype. The Bengals played fairly well, scored some points, but they are not a 5-0 team. Will they make the playoffs? More than likely. Will they do anything once they get there against KC, NE, Pitt? What do you think? Jacksonville continues to follow their recipe for "success". Don't score much and win by default. That's not going to be enough either and fans need to start pressing for some offensive production.


Pittsburgh 24 at San Diego 22

Scientific Pick: San Diego
When teams are as equal as these two are, it can often come down to red-zone efficiency. The Chargers, with red zone weapons like Antonio Gates and LaDanian Tomlinson, couldn't put the ball in the end zone. The Steelers, with a rejuvenated Jerome Bettis, could. End of story. At least the Chargers are back in the playoff picture and survived the Pitt/NE gauntlet with an impressive 1-1 record. They're still my AFC West pick. I'm sticking with them.

Not a great week, not a bad week. Statistical mediocrity reigns for the Scientific Wonder.

Record: 7-7

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