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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

NFL Week 4 In Review

Another excellent week for the Scientific Method, who did a fairly good job in a fairly crazy week.


Houston 10 at Cincinnati 16

Scientific Pick: Cincinnati
I was hoping Houston would take this, but that was only because I know Cincinatti isn't as good as their record indicates. However, Houston's offensive woes continue, and Cincinatti has what is turning out to be a terrific offense. I have this feeling in the back of my mind that Matt Leinart might be David Carr's replacement, because Carr's grace period has to be considered over.

Indianapolis 31 at Tennessee 10
Scientific Pick: Indianapolis
FINALLY Peyton Manning shows up, with 4 touchdowns. Wierdly enough, none of them was to Brandon Stokely? Wasn't this guy his best target last season in the slot? He's just disappeared so far. Tennessee just isn't that good. They are a bad team, good enough to be in some games, and bad enough to get killed in most.

San Diego 41 at New England 17
Hypothesis: At some point, injuries HAVE to take a toll on a team
Scientific Pick: San Diego
The first Hypothesis that deserves to be kept around. New England played the worst game I've seen from them for two years. They just got worked over by a San Diego team that is just getting started churning through opposing defenses. Again, was it worth the two losses to prove to Antonio Gates that they meant business? On New England's side, Tom Brady has to step up in a big way. He's still effective, but not in a playmaker way.

Buffalo 7 at New Orleans 19
Scientific Pick: Buffalo
This loss is more on Buffalo than a win to New Orleans. The Bills offense has been simply atrocious. When are the reins going to come off for JP Losman? He has Eric Moulds and Lee Evans. This has to mean something. Willis McGahee is your running back. That has to mean something. Where are the points? Congrats to New Orleans in winning a "home" game. Only in the NFL could San Diego and New Orleans be 2-2.

St. Louis 24 at NY Giants 44
Hypothesis: Never bet on Mike Martz on the road
Scientific Pick: NY Giants
The next Hypothesis that is totally accurate. The Rams are awful on the road. To get shelled by the Giants is inexcusable. I am going to be very upset at the Hawks if we lose on Sunday. Colin and I pegged that defense in our preview. It is not very good, especially against the pass. The Rams look like this year's version of the Kansas City Chiefs. Mark Bulger is starting to rush passes in the pocket leading to interceptions. That's what happens when you take a ton of hits every game. Congrats to Eli Manning for proving me wrong about you here in the beginning of the year. Every game you are consistent makes me look a little more like a moron. Same goes with Plaxico Burress.

Detroit 13 at Tampa Bay 17
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay
Detroit should have won this game. Yes, it was a questionable finish, but it shouldn't have come down to that. Tampa finally showed a lot of warts and the Lions simply couldn't capitalize. I've been a huge Joey Harrington supporter, but if he can't do it this year with those weapons than the Lions will have to find someone else... of course that offensive line has a lot to do with the issues.

Seattle 17 at Washington 20
Scientific Pick: Washington
(insert hysterical sobbing)

Denver 20 at Jacksonville 7
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville
The Jags appear to have already had their best offensive game of the year, coincidentally against us when we were on the road. Not a good pattern developing there. The defense is solid but can't pitch a shutout each time out. The Broncos may be a little better than I had thought. 3-1 now? Wierd.

NY Jets 3 at Baltimore 13
Scientific Pick: Baltimore
I actually had the distinct privilege of watching much of this atrocity. Let us never speak of it again.

Minnesota 10 at Atlanta 30
Scientific Pick: Minnesota
The Vikings had a chance to really build on their success of the week before and put some doubters to rest. Instead they choked on the road against a Falcons team playing without Michael Vick for much of the affair. Mike Tice has about four more games left before we bid him adios.

Philadelphia 37 at Kansas City 31
Scientific Pick: Philadelphia
Kansas City looked completely unstoppable before taking both hands, firmly wrapping them around their own necks, and squeezing hard. There is no way the Eagles should have won that game. At the very least the Chiefs' offense should have provided a bit more of a cushion to respond to the points the Eagles were scoring. Also, could I have played in the secondary better than the Chiefs? Look at the Eagles receivers and you tell me where the threat is outside of Owens. Come on, people.

Dallas 13 at Oakland 19
Scientific Pick: Oakland
Oakland deserved to win a game. They had a monster opening schedule, were close in all of them, and desperately needed to come away with the victory. Excellent job showing the Cowboys yet again that they suck. Look forward to Drew Bledsoe getting slower and slower as the year gets on. Look, the defense isn't anywhere near where John Clayton and company thought they were after that "fantastic" draft. The Cowboys are still at least one year away.

San Francisco 14 at Mexico (I mean, Arizona) 31
Scientific Pick: Arizona
Anyone who takes Arizona's performance as an excuse to call them "back" has just received a serious blow to the head. This more showed me yet again how bad a team the 49ers are, and will be especially on the road. Let's see Josh McCown do that against a real secondary and I'll pay attention. Annointing him over Kurt Warner now, as ESPN analysts already did, is frankly idiotic.


Green Bay 29 at Carolina 32

Hypothesis: Great players always have one last stand
Scientific Pick: Green Bay
Well, Brett Favre had one last stand. Unfortunately, his defense sucked just enough to allow too many points, and Donald Driver couldn't catch a ball that hit him in the numbers. I think we just have to admit that the Packers are a bad team, especially defensively, and have to wait on them getting a high draft pick this offseason. The Panthers, on the other hand, have to find an identity. They seem soft, something I didn't think I'd ever say about a John Fox team. They were waiting on Brett Favre to beat them.

Scientific Method: 11-3

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