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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Land of Conclusions, Week Sick

Why Pete Prisco Sucks:
#1. Picked Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC West
#2. Has picked against the Seattle Seahawks to win all but one week, including picking the Houston Texans to beat Seattle.
#3. Now has Seattle pegged as the most overrated team in the NFL

Who is overrating Seattle? Well, maybe the Sunday night ESPN guys, but anyone who actually listens to them has not just one screw loose. Most Power Rankings rank Seattle between 10-15, not exactly really high. Prisco talks about how we are 1-2 against teams over .500. First, that should be 2-1 except for that stupid field goal (I feel like the Democratic party after the 2000 elections). Second, both those losses were on the road. Third, that 1 win was against media fave Atlanta and Michael Vick, while other wins have come against the preseason favorite to beat us in Arizona and beating the Rams on the road, a huge win.

Do the Seahawks have a lot left to prove? Absolutely. I personally have no problem with their current rankings in the media, but Prisco really seems to have it out for Seattle. I want to see us against Dallas, the bejeweled media darling of the week. I want to see us against Philadelphia or Indianapolis. I want to see us in the postseason, actually winning a game.

But calling us the most overrated team in the NFL is ridiculous.

Other conclusions (I'm sick, so the title is a joke, by the way):

-- I don't know what else the Denver Broncos have left to prove. Beating San Diego, Kansas City, Washington, and New England (AT NEW ENGLAND) is truly phenomenal. I'm sold on this team being better then in previous years, and admit that this was one team that I was wrong about. Somehow the Cleveland defensive line is working better in Denver then in Cleveland.

-- That Dallas/Giants game was one of the ugliest games between "good" teams that I have ev seen. Both teams were just playing terrible, and yet both of these teams are talked about in the upper echelon of the NFC? That's an insult to the NFC.

-- I'm through with Minnesota. They'll probably end up with 5-6 wins, and then go through a rough offseason, but after that game in Chicago, I can't see them coming through in the NFC North.

-- Who does that leave? My guess: Green Bay, or Detroit if Jeff Garcia comes in and plays well. Chicago doesn't have the quarterback play to be consistent enough.

-- Tedy Bruschi will be a great feel-good story, but he doesn't solve the problem that is Duane Starks, who continues to be beaten around, even by older receivers by Rod Smith.

-- That win by Baltimore delays my throwing of them under the bus. That defense finally stepped up, and if that quarterback play is just as good as it was last week, they can compete.

-- My most overrated team? Dallas, and we'll see if that is true on Sunday. Remember, this is a team that lost to Oakland, barely beat San Francisco, and lucked out in wins over San Diego and the Giants. They have one impressive win over the Eagles, but the Eagles have looked less and less impressive as the season has gone along, with no running game and an injured Donovan McNabb.

-- Gavin and I will have a midseason "Land of Conclusions" after Week 8 or 9, so I will wait to give a lot more tidbits until then.

Playoff Picture after Week 6

Locks: Indianapolis

High Probablity: Denver, New England, Cincinnati

Possibility: Pittsburgh, San Diego, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Kansas City

Still Alive: Baltimore, Miami, Cleveland, Tennessee

No Shot: Oakland, NY Jets, Houston


Locks: NO ONE

High Probability: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle (because of the NFC West)

Possibility: Tampa Bay, Carolina, NY Giants, Dallas, Washington

Still Alive: Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Green Bay, Arizona

No Shot: San Francisco, Minnesota, New Orleans

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