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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Land of Conclusions: Quarter Pole

Four out of 17 regular season NFL weeks are already done. That's terrible, for the simple fact that it's going by WAY too quickly. Have I told you lately that I love the NFL? That the NFL is my favorite league? Anyone?

Yes, you have to deal with the Seahawks. But the leauge is all worth it.

Before I give you the NFL Conclusions, though, I want to give you a few conclusions of the new TV season, which is also about a month old. Simply put, there are more good new shows out there then I have seen in a LONG time.

Must Watch:
Prison Break: If you have missed this show so far, by all means slap yourself in the face and get on board. Watch the main character have one facial expression! Watch another character rip off "The Shawshank Redemption"! And yet.... this show is really, really entertaining, with a storyline that is far above most shows that are out there.

My Name is Earl: I know, it's a little different. But it's also hilarious, with a real storyline and interesting characters. It's not just another dumb sitcom, you know? For the first time since "Sports Night", I feel like regularly watching a sticom.

The Office: I actually feel like this is the first season, simply because it looks like they overhauled the show during the offseason, recognizing the fact that they weren't letting Steve Carrell BE Steve Carrell, instead trying to force him to be Ricky Gervais, which is impossible. All the characters are working now, and there has not been one miss yet this season.

Serenity (Movie, I know): Watch this. I don't care if you never saw the TV show this is based off of, "Firefly". I never had. But I now want to, because this was the best sci-fi movie I had seen since "Star Trek: First Contact", which was like 6 years ago. There were great characters, especially the captain, who is a real Han Solo ripoff, and he pulls it off.

Anyways, on to football:

Good Conclusions:

The NY Jets are done: Yep. Didn't see that one coming, but, then again, I didn't expect Chad Pennington's arm to fall off, or Curtis Martin to look suddenly old, or that defense to look a lot slower, or Herm Edwards to look like he would want to be anywhere else. Not coming back. Vinny does not equal savior.

The Arizona Cardinals are done: Sure, they'll win some games, but their chances at the postseason are done. We talked about this earlier, so, if you didn't read that one, just trust us, ok?

The Patriots are vulnerable for the first time in three years: I said vulnerable, not that they won't win again. They are still the favorites, in my opinion. But I have never seen them lose a game like they lost against San Diego. At home. They just got whupped in that second half. The defense looks worse, Rodney Harrison was THAT important, and Chad Brown predictably isn't a savior. Now, Tom Brady is still Tom Brady and all that, but Pats fans have to be a little worried.

The Bills need to sit J.P. Losman or their playoff chances are done: The Bills were my sleeper team, so this is a hard one to admit, but that Bills offense can't move the chains. Eric Moulds and Lee Evans must be getting extremely angry, because they have NO catches and NO chances to make a big play. Losman just looks lost, and it's hard to look lost against the New Orleans Saints' defense, you know?

Eli Manning is looking pretty good: I say this through gritted teeth, because I really hated what he did to San Diego. However, Manning is rocking the NFL in his first four games. It doesn't hurt that Tiki Barber is off to a fast start, Shockey looks interested in football again, and Plax Burress reminds us why he's a top-tier receiver. I'm not ready to anoint him as a Pro-Bowl level quarterback, but he is making opposing defenses look pretty foolish.

The Philadelphia Eagles are reminding us all why the offseason fluff with the media was massively overrated: Are you kidding me, ESPN? Oh yeah, T.O. won't be able to work with Donovan. Right. Yeah, I'm sure that the Eagles won't be able to focus. Yeah. Right. Actually, if you want my opinion, they look like the best team in the NFL right now. They do have the #1 offense, because Donovan is having a vintage Steve McNair year right now, playing with one lung and all.

Coaches that should be fired by the end of the season: Mike Tice (should already be fired), Norv Turner (great coordinator, awful head coach), Dom Capers (for reasons listed above), Mike Martz (has been blowing timeouts AGAIN this season).

Coaches that might be fired by the end of the season: Mike Holmgren (too many 4th quarter collapses), Steve Mariucci (put a flaming bag of poop on Harrington's doorstep), Jim Haslett (watch the Saints' inevitable collapse), Mike Mularkey (keep with Losman?), Dennis Green (how's that arrogance treating you?)

San Diego is back, baby: Bam. Called that one, at least.

Bad Conclusions:

Tampa Bay is one of the top teams in the NFC: Whooaaaa. Should have lost to Detroit. That's not good. Cadillac is hurting. That's not good. At some point, Brian Griese will be Brian Griese. That's not good. They are better then I thought. Not ready to elevate them the way some pundits already have.

Washington is for real: I watched that game. It's burned into my memory. They will struggle to make the postseason. Their offense clicked on all cylinders.... and they scored 17 points in regulation. 17 points. That's a high-scoring game for them.

Carolina is a Super Bowl contender: Not right now, they're not. Did you see them sit back and watch Brett Favre Monday night? They did not lose games against teams like the Saints and the Dolphins during their Super Bowl run. Jake Delhomme doesn't look good, and the defense looks vulnerable.

Denver is the best team in the AFC West: They get off to fast starts every year. They get off to horrible conclusions every year. Let's see them play San Diego now. I dare you.

OK, on to the Playoff Picture after Week 4:
Locks: Indianapolis

High Probability: New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Cincinnati

Possibility: Denver, Kansas City, Jacksonville

Still Alive: Baltimore, Buffalo, Oakland, Miami, Cleveland

No Shot: NY Jets, Houston, Tennessee

Locks: Philadelphia

High Probablity: Atlanta, Tampa Bay

Possibility: Carolina, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, NY Giants, Washington

Still Alive: Dallas, Minnesota, New Orleans, Detroit, Arizona

No Shot: San Francisco, Green Bay

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