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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Calm Down, People

OK, the Mariner season has yet to be done for 72 hours.

We have a whole lot of people starting some WILD predictions for this offseason:

Here's a few names that I have seen out on the blogosphere and in print:

Brian Giles
Ken Griffey Jr. (like every year)
Johnny Damon
Aubrey Huff
Lyle Overbay
Vernon Wells (Finnigan is an absolute idiot)
Frank Thomas (um.... que?)
Dmitri Young
Jacque Jones (because Lord knows we need another good-defense guy who is a horrible clutch hitter and provides little to no power)
Mike Piazza

Kevin Millwood
Kevin Brown
A.J. Burnett
Jon Lieber (what?)
Jason Schmidt
BJ Kim
Oliver Perez (ha!)
Roy Halladay (double ha!)
Jeff Suppan (because he's been awesome in the AL)
Paul Byrd
Jeff Weaver
Estaban Loiaza

Wow. Hold up, there, y'all.

I mean, I like some of those names too, but isn't it a tad early to start going off about the offseason?

Enjoy the playoffs, for God sakes. Enjoy some meaningful baseball, because it's not like Seattle is going to provide meaningful baseball next year, regardless of who we sign.

We need FOUR starting pitchers, at least TWO power hitters, and need to see if our young guys are going to become, well, good.

Plus Adrian Beltre needs to not be our worst player per Win Shares (thanks to the guys at Lookout Landing, who rule).

Calm down. Look at the pretty horsie. Look at the pretty horsie.

There you go. There you go.


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