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Saturday, September 24, 2005

White Sox Suck

No change today, as Minnesota reminds me once again what a truly horrendous offense looks like. Seriously, they seem to be WAY more boring to watch then even Seattle. Just my opinion.

White Sox 8, Minnesota 1
Freddy shuts them down, which, I guess, is moderately impressive. Joe Crede homered again, which just goes to show you that, sometimes, lightning doesn't just strike twice, it strikes 21 times. Jermaine Dye adds his 30th homerun, cementing the horrible fact that he was a cheap pickup during the offseason that would have really improved our offense. But no, our high-priced free agents? Not so much.

Cleveland 11, Kansas City 4
Can Cleveland's offense be stopped? It seems like a new hero every night! This night there was several, including Peralta, Sizemore, and Crisp (who now has 16 homeruns, just a few behind Raul Ibanez and Adrian Beltre). Even Belliard now has 15 homeruns. I hate our team's lack of power. I just hate it. Gah

The lead is still 1.5 games. Still.

Cleveland (Westbrook) at Kansas City (Greinke)
Minnesota (Liriano) at White Sox (Buerhle)

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