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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

White Sox Suck

Cleveland 8, White Sox 0
Now that's more like it. No homeruns by Joe Crede could spoil this masterpiece by Scott Elarton, and Cleveland got to Jon Garland and then beat up on the White Sox bullpen. Travis Hafner hit two MORE homeruns in this series, as did Casey Blake and Grady Sizemore. No word on any massive changes by Ozzie Guillen, but you can be sure that he will do something stupid in the near future.

The lead is now back to 2.5 games, while the Indians are now a full game up in the wildcard.... on Boston, who as of today is OUT of the postseason picture!

Thursday Matchups:
Minnesota (Santana) vs. White Sox (McCarthy, stepping in for El Duque)
Cleveland (Lee) vs. Kansas City (Hernandez)

That's a definite favorable matchup for the Indians. If Johan can continue his dominance of the White Sox, the Indians can narrow the gap to 1.5 games. The Indians have to get the goal in mind of narrowing the gap to 1 game by their final three-game series with the White Sox.

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