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Sunday, September 18, 2005

White Sox Suck: Daily Update

Take note: The Indians and the White Sox are playing EACH OTHER next. If you want to see some good baseball for once (wow, we suck right now, don't we), try to take in some of this action.

As for today's finals:
Cleveland 11, Kansas City 0
Wow. I mean, I know KC sucks, but Cleveland put the smack down on Jose Lima, hopefully sending Lima-time out for pasture at the end of the year. Jhonny Peralta, Travis Hafner, and Ben Broussard homered, reminding me that sometimes young players with talent actually play up to their potential, and also reminding me that Jhonny Peralta is having a better 2nd half then our own Adrian Beltre. Whoopee. C.C. Sabathia was rock-solid, which works well for Gavin because he's on his fantasy team.

Chicago White Sox 2, Minnesota 1
Can't Minnesota score some darn runs?!?! C'mon, this was Jose Contreras! Of course, this was also Minnesota's offense, led by 300 pounder Matthew LeCroy, and pitting scrappy against scrappy in an all-out drag down spiral into boredom. Lil' Nicky Punto came up with a crucial error in the 8th allowing Chicago's second run, and, besides that, there was absolutely no reason to watch this game. In fact, MLBTV should strike this game from the record, purging it from the minds and hearts of anyone who considers themselves sports fans.

Next up:
Cleveland (Millwood) at Chicago White Sox (The Fredster, who has found himself with Mr. Guillen)

Cleveland is still 3.5 games back going into this series.

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