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Friday, September 09, 2005

Week 1: Hawks at Jacksonville

Each week we will go in depth into the Seahawks match-up, weighing our optimism against the crushing reality of another defeat.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 0-0
2004 Home Record: 4-4

Offense: (2004 stats)
Quarterback: Matt Hasselbeck (3382 yds, 22 TDs, 15 INTs) vs Byron Leftwich (2941 yds, 15 TDs, 10 INTs)
Leftwich has had serious problems with consistency. He still looks more comfortable in the shotgun, which makes the running game worse. Accuracy is also an issue. He has an absolute gun for an arm, much better than Hasselbeck. Matt is primed for a good game, and looked great in the preseason. Advantage: Seattle

Running Back: Shaun Alexander (1696 yds, 16 TDs) vs Fred Taylor (1224 yds, 2 TDs)
When Fred Taylor is healthy, he's a beast. Runs up the field hard through the point of attack. Has more speed then given credit for. He is the heart of this offense. We all know what I think of Shaun. Still, Hawks get the advantage because Taylor is hurt. Advantage: Seattle

Jimmy Smith is one year older, but has put off those demons so far. Whether or not that can happen again is up in the air. Second year receiver Reggie Williams was a huge disappointment last season, but is full of potential. Rookie Matt Jones is also full of potential, but will need a few games to shake off his inexperience at the role. Darrell Jackson, Bobby Engram, Peter Warrick, and Joe J. (not to mention Mili and Stevens) are far better then the above crew at this point in the season. Advantage: Seattle

Offensive Line:
The Jags have been very disappointed with their line this preseason. We love our line, with Jones and Hutch. Advantage: Seattle

D-Line: And so the tables turn. John Henderson is perhaps the best defensive tackle in the league, and when paired with fellow monster Marcus Stroud will give us fits. Darby and Tubbs are good starters, but depth is an issue. Advantage: Jacksonville

Linebackers: Our linebackers = inexperience. Their linebackers = mediocre but experienced. Have to give the advantage to the Jags. Advantage: Jacksonville

Secondary: Jacksonville has a decent secondary, led by safety Donovan Darius. We have a really nice deep secondary, led by Marcus Trufant. Hamlin is healthy and will be able to contribute. Advantage: Seahawks

Special teams: Until we prove otherwise, we suck from this perspective. Advantage: Jacksonville

Prediction: We have a lot of advantages, but a road game against such a defense is still a difficult test. If Alexander can run (Jacksonville has a streak going of not allowing a 100+ yard rusher) we may win easily, because we will keep an anemic Jacksonville offense off the field. If we let the Jags stay in the game, or give them easy points then Byron Leftwich will make enough plays to win. I'm hoping that we come up strong, but lean towards Jacksonville. We have to prove that we can play on the road still. Jags by 4.

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