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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Note: Scientific Method picks are below... include the "upset" of Minnesota over Atlanta. Yeah, way to step out on a limb. Pick a team we all thought would be 11-5 as your "upset". Scientific.

Anyways, on to the Explosion!!

- Colin mentions this below as well, but what are preseason NBA pundits smoking about the Sonics? Do they have to prove themselves all over again? Do they realize that what this team needed last year was that exact chip on their shoulder? You'd think Mark Stein would know better. Pathetic.

- Mentioned this yesterday, but Lorenzo Romar rules. Read this for more detailed information on this year's recruiting class. Bad news that is also good news... Mike Jensen is going under the knife for shoulder surgery and will miss the non-conference schedule this year. This opens up a spot for Jon Brockman before the Pac-10 comes a'callin. Great experience for the touted freshman, since he is hopefully the most impactful new player on our team this season (maybe Ryan Appleby).

- Are we going to keep Jaime Moyer? My jury's still out. I'm planning on taking about a month after the season's over before I start talking about what the M's should do next year. Still... Bobby Madritsch is having another MRI...

- College Football is great until you start talking champions. Then college football is idiotic, and the Harris Poll is the last great example. Idaho as #20? We trust these voters to do what? Could we please have a playoff system? Please?

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