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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

- Stupid Cleveland Indians... NOW you go on a losing streak.

- Stupid Chris Carpenter... ruining my fantasy championship chances... an ERA over 11 in three starts. Putrid. St Louis has to be legitimately concerned about their ace.

- I know this is really early, but I found Chad Ford's free agent preview for the NBA for next offseason to be interesting. Two large omissions... Luke Ridnour and Nick Collison. Both of those players are far more interesting to me than Vlad Radmanovic, and I think the coming season will prove that. I still love what the Sonics did with Radmanovic, whose production has never equaled his ego. If someone else wants to give him 80 million, then they can be relegated to salary cap hell.

- We signed Flip Murray for another year. Yippee. Hopefully Mr. Murray enjoys the end of our bench and this doesn't push Rick Brunson out of the picture. Flip's shooting percentages and crappy defense were exposed again versus San Antonio. I can do with a lot less of that.

- Bill Bavasi deserves another shot at this Mariners team. He has already proven that he can build from the draft. Now he has an offseason with loads of money to spend and a few pressing needs (left handed power, two starting pitchers). We have over 30 million for him to play with. Let him play. If he goes and gets players of the caliber of Sexson and Beltre I'll be pleased.

- For some reason people are already predicting our secondary to get burned against Washington, a team that simply got lucky on two Hail Mary passes to win their second game. I'm a little confused by this. Give us time and we'll beat the tar out of the Redskins (preview to come tomorrow). Last week it was Chike Okeafor, this week it is Shawn Springs, him of a thousand injuries and also getting seriously used each week. For some reason he had a comeback season for the Redskins. Super. I'm still glad he's gone.

- Pray for the Huskies to sign Spencer Hawes for at least one season of college ball. Let the Lorenzo Romar buzz continue. Seriously, though, the man can recruit. We're already set for next season without Hawes. With him we will be a Final Four candidate.

- Two days until USC-Arizona St. This should be fun.

- The M's season is almost over. Let us rejoice. I'll be excited again come March.

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At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI: Neither Collison nor Ridnour become free agents until 2007. Next summer they will be eligible for extensions.


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