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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Note: Take time to read Colin's post below... gloating is awesome...

- This steroid stuff is pretty stupid right now, in the midst of one of the best last weeks of the baseball season in recent memory. You think this couldn't perhaps have waited until after the season? I don't always agree with Barry Bonds, but this is one time where Congress should be focused on hurricane support, budget crisis, and judicial nominations. Also, if the policy is going to be the same as before to where players like Mike Morse are punished three different times this new strict long suspension is not going to fly.

- We all knew Donovan McNabb was hurt, but "needing surgery" hurt? Teams are simply going to start teeing off on him. I don't see how he can possibly last the entire season. Philly's offensive line isn't good enough. Look for tons of three step drops and screens to Westbrook. McNabb's accuracy is oging to have to improve.

- I think the Marlins have to considered a large disappointment. They have far too much talent to miss the playoffs and far too much talent to let the Braves have the division again. Now their locker room is falling apart. First AJ Burnett is riding a horse out of there, and now Miguel Cabrera is coming out with serious attitude problems. If a classy player like Jeff Conine is upset with you, there are issues. Fun times for Florida fans. Lou Piniella's next stop?

- The "Arizona Cardinals" award for overhyped team entering the 2005 NBA season goes to... the Portland Trailblazers! At least so far the addition of Nate McMillan is seen a this tremendous earthshattering change. Chris Broussard starts the chorus today and I guarantee it will continue. Yay!

- David Locke actually has a good non-Sonics related article, so I figured I should probably link to it. This one is about the Seahawks and actually captures many of our thoughts here about the team. This start has a different feel to it. The attitude has changed. I believe in the front office and their strategy. I believe in the players. Some of our weaknesses will improve (youth) during the course of the year. That linebacking corps especially has been everything we could have wanted. Leroy Hill has been something else. Look for him to supplant DD Lewis (who hasn't been terrible himself) by the end of the season.

- Another good thought about the Seahawks... we have had decent offensive performances but the reason for some of the inconsistency comes down to field position issues. Our special teams needs to perform better on returns and our defense needs to create more turnovers. This is nuts... outside of the one turnover related TD, our shortest TD drive is 68 yards. 68 yards!! That has to change. While it is good that we can march it down the field, we cannot depend on that for long-term offensive success. This is a question mark... hopefully we can turn it around against Washington next week.

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